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Which Umbrella Shape Offers The Most Shade?

Which Umbrella Shape Offers The Most Shade
Which umbrella shape offers the most shade? Technically, a square umbrella would give more shade than an octagonal one. However, it is not only about the shade provided but also the purpose, size, and shape of the outdoor space where it will be used. Does the umbrella shape conform to the brand’s outdoor décor standards, and is it easily managed by staff? Consider all these factors when choosing a square or octagonal umbrella.


Square umbrella Square-shaped umbrellas are ideal for restaurants, decks, or other dining spaces as they are practical for day and evening use. Due to their shape, the outdoor umbrellas can be used separately or pushed together to cover a larger area with shade. All Poggesi’s square outdoor umbrella collections are equipped with curtains. They can be connected and closed in bad weather or keep customers warm on cooler evenings.         Various accessories could enhance a customer’s experience, including LED strip lights or spotlights, luminarie disk lights, and cover base pillows for additional seating around cantilever umbrellas. You can also enhance your square Poggesi umbrella with one of eight valence designs or branding.  Poggesi has a wide range of square umbrella sizes that will fit into any outdoor space. The Magnum collection has a maximum coverage area of up to 650 square feet, with sides measuring up to 26 feet each. It has a center pole and a safe mechanized opening and closing system with a worm screw, but also comes with an electric motor for the opening and closing system.   The King collection is a cantilever umbrella with a span of up to 16 feet in the rectangular shape, and the square model is available in 10 to 15 feet sizes. It operates with a handle crank that allows the canopy to be 360° rotated, tilted, and height adjusted.


Somehow, octagonal outdoor umbrellas portray a sense of fun more than square umbrellas do. Add a pattern or color appropriate to the company brand, and an outdoor table becomes a place to enjoy time with friends or family. Octagonal umbrellas are often found around the swimming pool of a hotel. When people look out of their room windows onto the swimming area, they are tempted to join the other guests.       Leisure areas such as swimming pools are generally used during the day and have enough space to accommodate multiple octagonal umbrellas, with guests comfortably moving around them. All Poggesi outdoor umbrella models are available in an octagonal and square shape, except for the Bay and Como models, which are octagonal only. Most Poggesi umbrellas are manufactured with center poles, but cantilever models with octagonal canopies are available.    The Bay collection has a light and elegant bend and is available in canopy sizes 8 to 10 feet. It has an easy-to-use pulley and rope opening and closing system and is ideal for use in smaller spaces. The Como collection is a classic beach umbrella with a sophisticated appearance and is available in canopy sizes ranging from 6 to 7 feet. The Como model uses a push and lock opening and closing system.     


What is our conclusion after discussing which type of umbrella provides the most shade? That both shapes provide shade appropriate to their intended use. When you have a Poggesi umbrella, you will never have to move the furniture to close the umbrella. Its canopy fabric provides UV protection to beach umbrella users and those sitting down for lunch at a restaurant. Poggesi is based in Miami, Florida, and our Italian-designed umbrellas are crafted by master engineers and top-of-the-line manufacturers. All our umbrellas are made with 100% acrylic weather-resistant awning grade canvas from Sunbrella or Tempotest, making them a durable asset needing little maintenance. Do you require square or octagonal umbrella shapes for your business? Contact Poggesi today.