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Center Post Umbrellas

Como Collection

The COMO collection by GESI is a classic beach umbrellas without a valance. The COMO umbrellas give a lighter but more elegant appearance to the beach environment, transmitting an idea of order and open space. The perfect choice for crowded beaches or to give a highly sophisticated appearance to specific areas.

Crafted for Perfection

Crafted by master engineers, artisans and top-of-the-line manufacturers, Poggesi umbrellas are designed with 100% acrylic weather-resistant awning grade canvas, aluminum powder coated structure, and stainless-steel cables and bolts to ensure a lifetime of durability and timeless beauty.

Features & Options

Center Post

GSBCPD Galvanized Steel Base with various weight options (multiples of 50kg., 109lbs.) Sizes: 24"x24", 30"x30", 36"36" (61x61cm, 76x76cm, 91x91cm)

SCF-130 Stainless Steel Concrete Fileld Base Ø 24" (Ø 60 cm) (60 kg., 130 lbs.) Base with side rollers

Center Post

GSBCP-4524D-65 Round Galvanized Steel Plates Ø 24"x0.5" (61x1.27cm) , Total Weight (29 kg., 65 lbs.)

Center Post

GSBCP-4524D-130 Stacked Round Galvanized Steel Plates Ø 24"x1" (61x2.5cm) , Total Weight (60 kg., 130 lbs.)

Center Post

GSBCP-530D-100 Round Galvanized Steel Plates Ø 30"x0.5" (76x1.27cm) , Total Weight ( 45 kg., 100 lbs.)

Center Post

GSBCP-530D-165 Stacked Round Galvanized Steel Plates Ø 30"+24"x1" (76+61x2.5cm) Stacked , Total Weight (75 kg., 165 lbs.)

Center Post

GSBCP-530D-200 Stacked Round Galvanized Steel Plates Ø 30"x1" (76x2.5cm) Stacked , Total Weight (90 kg., 200 lbs.)

Center Post

GSBCP-530D-265 Stacked Round Galvanized Steel Plates Ø 2x30"+24"x1.5" (2x76+61x3.8cm) Stacked , Total Weight (120 kg., 265 lbs.)

Fabrics | Colors

Brilliant Colors

Make Poggesi your own with a variety of color options from Sunbrella®. The world’s number one outdoor performance fabric, is water-repellent and offers unsurpassed durability, stain, weather and fade resistance. The canvas is lightweight and has a flat, consistent weave, providing up to 98% UV protection. It is easy-care and withstands the elements beautifully.

Make The Como Yours