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Poggesi USA Umbrellas One Collection

Make Poggesi Yours

Luxury, custom made umbrellas.

Magnum Thanks to its stylish and impressive line, Magnum is the perfect center post solution to create large shaded spaces

Dehor From the French word “Dehors”, this center post line is the chosen umbrella to create outdoor memorable experiences.

Jok The exceptional center post umbrella, with a telescopic system for easy access.

Party Party is the ideal choice to combine simplicity and quality in a single product.

King Finest development in the field of multi-feature cantilever umbrellas.

One Acronym for Original New Evolution, the "ONE" represents a perfect blend of tradition and technological research with a single gesture.

Summer The ideal choice for those looking for simplicity and ease of use in a cantilever umbrella.

Types Of Custom Umbrellas

There are two main types of custom patio umbrellas:

Cantilever Patio Umbrellas also known as Offset Patio Umbrellas
Cantilever umbrellas are umbrellas that do not have any support in the middle, they are suspended with the help of a side pole for support. They are generally placed on the edge of one’s patio as opposed to in the middle, which makes them a great space-saver.

Center Post Umbrellas
Center post umbrellas are the more ‘classic’ types of umbrellas that feature a post in the middle. These umbrellas are placed within the center of a pool or patio area for maximum coverage.

Our umbrellas are available in different colors, shapes and sizes and can be customized based on the size and shape of the required area.  They also referred to as free standing or retractable umbrellas.

Custom design Umbrellas