How to Double Your Restaurant Business with Outdoor Umbrellas

Being in the restaurant business, you have a lot to think about. From your daily operations to ensuring you have enough customers daily to keep the lights on. Working with many different restaurants over the years, we understand the importance of not only running your business but also [...]

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How Commercial Beach Umbrellas Can Grow Your Business

Are you considering commercial beach umbrellas for your beachfront location? With a clear blue sky, fine white sand, and ocean water to help us cool down, a great beachfront view has become one of the top choices of many tourists, in any part of the world. So, what [...]

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A Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas

Are you on the hunt for commercial cantilever umbrellas for your business? If so, you will quickly realize there are dozens of factors at play to selecting the perfect umbrella. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as going to your local home store and picking an outdoor umbrella. There are [...]

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Poggesi ONE Collection: All the Umbrella Details That Matter

If you haven’t heard of Poggesi’s ONE Collection yet, then you’re in for a treat when it comes to residential and commercial cantilever umbrellas. We claim that ONE is the fruit of our labors in both technological experimentation and design. So many of our customers have loved this [...]

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The Poggesi Jok Umbrella: Everything You Need To Know

Maybe you have no idea what the Jok Collection at Poggesi can offer you and your guests. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve combined some of the features of our most popular large- and small-scale umbrellas to give you the Jok model. We think you’ll see potential [...]

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Cantilever Umbrellas Buyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know

There’s a lot to be said for cantilever umbrellas and the manner in which they give way to wide open, uninterrupted space. They are dreamy, floating elegance, offering seamless views, maximum shade, and smooth adjustment. Combine all this with the artisanship and quality you receive with Poggesi, and [...]

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This Simple Outdoor Dining Design Guide Will Help You Create the Perfect Dining Area

Join us today for an outdoor dining design guide to create the perfect patio dining area! We’ll look at a simple route you can take toward the best work-related dinners, holiday parties, and relaxed family gatherings. We guarantee that this step-by-step outdoor dining room process will get you [...]

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10 Commercial and Outdoor Restaurant Patio Designs That’ll Turn Heads (With Pictures)

If you’re in need of some outdoor restaurant patio design ideas that’ll pull in the guests and make them happy upon arrival, during drinks and/or meals, and even for dessert, then you’ve caught us at the perfect time. Poggesi is here with commercial & restaurant patio design inspiration [...]

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18 DIY Poolside Decorating Ideas That Scream "Summer!"

When decorating your poolside deck, patio, or yard, you want to bring fun colors, practical storage, and unique, personalized touches to the mix. We hope you’ll enjoy some of the DIY pool projects below. We think they’ll give your poolside some flair. Careful, though: Your guests may never [...]

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