How to Decorate a Shady Outdoor Area

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There’s nothing like being able to enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful day without baking and squinting under the hot sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. You can transform any hot spot into a stylish and cool oasis by adding the right patio umbrella for those hot and sunny summer [...]

The Benefits of a Cantilever Umbrella

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Cantilever umbrellas are designed to serve the same purpose as other patio umbrellas. They provide relaxing shade, protection from harsh UV rays and rain showers, but they do so in a unique way and provide many other benefits. A cantilever umbrella is designed with a stable offset base [...]

How to Plan Your New Outdoor Entertainment Space

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There are many items to think about when you are planning a new outdoor entertainment area in order to create a space that’s both beautiful and functional. The first consideration is of course the size and shape of the area that you have, whether it is a small [...]

When is a Cantilever Umbrella the Best Option?

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Inviting outdoor spaces can bring people together, and a cantilever umbrella can provide you and your guests with comfort and style along with optimal protection from the sun, rain, and wind. In fact, a cantilever umbrella may offer you a multitude of benefits over a traditional center pole [...]

How to Decorate a Patio with a Cantilever Umbrella

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Fresh air, sunny skies and warm breezes provide temptation to be outside for dining, entertaining and relaxing. However, first, it may be time to think about how inviting and useable your patio area looks and feels. Every outdoor space should have a main focal point. In fact, one [...]

How Do You Care for Your Patio and Pool Umbrella?

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There is very little maintenance required for a high-quality patio and pool umbrella aside from periodic cleaning. With simple, consistent care and maintenance your patio and pool umbrella can provide many years of enjoyable shade and shelter. By regularly inspecting your umbrella and looking for any tears in [...]