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How to Rotate or Tilt Your Residential Umbrellas for Wind

Property Management Commercial Grade Umbrellas
A solid, wind-resistant umbrella can provide safety and security from harsh UV rays and rain showers, and is also designed as a sturdier umbrella that can stand up to wind or sudden gusts. There are certain important features that are combined to create the best wind-resistant residential umbrellas. A strong and solid base is vital to anchor the patio umbrella securely, preventing it from lifting and flying or from falling over. The umbrella also needs to have a sturdy and strong pole structure to withstand all types of weather, such as a commercial grade aluminum pole. The material used for the canopy should be long-lasting and durable, like a double-stitched Sunbrella canvas. A great choice for wind-resistance is a cantilever umbrella, which is suspended and supported by a support rod placed to one side rather than in the middle of the canopy. The unique design imparts strength, stability, safety and versatility. This arrangement also helps to keep the pole out of the way, and your view unobstructed, while allowing a larger area to be shaded. cantilever umbrella Cantilever umbrellas can be raised or lowered and tilted to permit movement from left to right, forward and backward or even a full 360-degree rotation. The angle of the umbrella can be easily changed to provide protection at all times without moving the position of the umbrella base. On windy days the umbrella can be tilted into the wind so the wind pushes the umbrella down toward its heavy base instead of lifting. The direction of the wind will change throughout the day, so the tilt of the umbrella can be easily changed as well. In extreme conditions, it is important to note that no umbrella is entirely wind-resistant and that they should be closed in this event. Poggesi discourages having umbrellas open in weather with winds in excess of 30 mph. Key then, are outdoor umbrellas that can be opened and closed quickly in extreme wind conditions or when a storm approaches. They should be easy to close up when you’re not using them, and simple to let down when you are. Poggesi offers the highest quality, durable, commercial-grade wind-resistant umbrellas, able to withstand the toughest outdoor elements to provide reliable shade and protection. Our patio umbrellas have unparalleled wind-resistance with the stability and durability provided by commercial grade aluminum poles and long-lasting double-stitched Sunbrella canvas canopies. Our TÜV® & Intertek® quality and wind resistance certifications, together with patented easy-to-use technology that controls your umbrella with a mere touch and a push, make Poggesi the leader in innovative technology. With this combination of beauty, durability, and innovation, Poggesi can help you leave a lasting impression with outdoor umbrellas unlike any other. Our selection of wind-resistant luxury, large commercial umbrellas offer beautiful, unique, and powerful designs combined with elegant colors to create a unique shade experience. Be selective and choose the brand that ensures only the highest quality and safety standards. For more information about our wind-resistant residential umbrellas, please visit