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Category Archives: Market Umbrella

3 Easy Ways to Create the Perfect Shading

3 easy ways to create the perfect amount of shade

Have you finally decided to get shading in your garden after watching another home makeover show? That spot in the...

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Outdoor Restaurant Umbrellas

Modern umbrellas for restaurants and cafes

Modern umbrellas overlooking beautiful restaurant outdoor areas can add a sparkle to any dining experience. These structures offer an inviting,...

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What is the Difference Between Market Umbrellas and Patio Umbrellas?

Do you know what a market umbrella is? How about a patio umbrella? They are both umbrellas but their origins...

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The Difference Between a Patio Umbrella & Market Umbrella

A ground level outdoor space that’s typically used for dining or recreation and often adjoining a residence or building is...

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What is the Difference Between a Patio Umbrella and a Market Umbrella?

Market umbrellas were traditionally created to protect marketplace vendors such as those with farm stands or food carts, along with...

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