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Modern umbrellas for restaurants and cafes

Outdoor Restaurant Umbrellas

Modern umbrellas overlooking beautiful restaurant outdoor areas can add a sparkle to any dining experience. These structures offer an inviting, yet intimate feel to the restaurant ambience, while offering effective protection against the weather and noise. These umbrellas increase the overall seating capacity of a restaurant, leading to an increased bottom line too. Poggesi, leaders in the shading industry, can provide your restaurant with modern, state-of-the art shaded structures or more customized products to suit specific needs.

Types of outdoor umbrellas

Umbrellas from Poggesi are manufactured using premium materials and innovative technologies to create a lasting impression on clients. The two main styles of commercial umbrellas are:

Cantilever or offset umbrellas

These modern umbrellas are versatile as they can be easily adjusted or tilted according to the location of the sun in the sky. The standard size of these umbrellas ranges from 9 to 13 feet in diameter.

However, Poggesi can also manufacture the rarer 15’ x 15’ version based on client needs. These modern umbrellas come in a variety of shapes including square, hexagonal and octagonal.

Center-post umbrellas

These modern umbrellas come with a single post at the center of the canopy and can be customized to have extra entry heights. Their minimalistic design offers a modern and contemporary look to the ambience of the outdoors, especially in a restaurant setting. They consist of an easy-to-pull rope pull as well as stainless steel cables for easy functioning.

Cantilever and center-post designs from Poggesi USA come in the following shapes and styles: market umbrellas, as well as square, round and rectangular umbrellas.

What size should your modern umbrella be?

Modern umbrellas at restaurants must be of a standard size, which depends on the table they are overlooking. Umbrellas that are too large can overshadow the ambience and those that are too small, will not provide the shade needed for the comfort of your guests. Other factors to consider while choosing the size of your umbrellas are physical constraints such as walls or branches.

However, Poggesi USA advises clients to add 2 to 2.5 feet on each side of your restaurant table to determine the diameter of your canopy.

What materials and colors should the modern umbrellas be?

It is imperative that you choose a fabric or material that ultimately protects your diners from heat, glare, and other harsh elements. Canopies from Poggesi USA are manufactured from high-quality fabrics that can withstand tough environmental conditions. Sunbrella acrylic fabrics from Poggesi USA that are considered the gold standard for commercial standard umbrellas provide TÜV® & Intertek® quality and wind resistance certifications.

However, Poggesi can customize umbrellas by combining fabrics and contrast stitching.  

The colors of the umbrellas in a restaurant ultimately depend on the brand. However, it is advised to avoid using darker colors as they absorb more heat than light ones.

What shapes of modern umbrellas should I choose?

The cantilever and center-post modern umbrellas from Poggesi USA for restaurants are available in several shapes to complement the restaurant space. These include:

Market umbrellas

These modern umbrellas are commonly used on restaurant and café patios. They are equipped with a valance.

Square umbrellas

Round and octagonal umbrellas

Rectangular umbrellas

Poggesi, a global leader in shading structures for residential and commercial applications, utilizes cutting-edge and patented technology to manufacture its high-quality products. For restaurants and cafés, we can work with you to design the perfect custom-made commercial umbrellas, based on your brand and space available. Contact us today to view our collections of modern umbrellas today!