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Category Archives: Restaurant Umbrella

FAQ's for Restaurant Umbrellas

FAQ’s for Restaurant Umbrellas

Restaurant umbrellas are complementary to any business and an asset on many levels. Customers get an opportunity to choose seating...

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What umbrella color to choose for your restaurant?

When it comes to choosing the best umbrellas for your restaurant, size and shape are top considerations. But what about...

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Choosing the best outdoor kitchen shade solutions

There is a lot to consider when designing your dream outdoor kitchen, from choosing the right appliances to setting up...

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Why Choose a Larger Size Commercial Umbrella?

Simply put, a patio umbrella that is too small won’t provide enough protection from the sun and weather. In areas...

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How to Measure for Your Restaurant Umbrellas

The right patio umbrellas can expand the space for your guests, allowing them to dine comfortably both day and evening...

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How to Customize Your Restaurant Umbrellas to Build Your Brand

Umbrellas can provide an additional major advantage to restaurants, aside from the protection of guests and employees from harsh weather...

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How to Choose the Right Umbrellas for My Restaurant Patio

Large commercial patio umbrellas can provide a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor restaurant spaces, serve as a focal point...

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Benefits of a Shade Structure for Restaurants

Shade structures can provide numerous advantages to restaurants. Architecturally, they may extend a transitional element between the building and the...

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