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Benefits of a Shade Structure for Restaurants

Shade structures can provide numerous advantages to restaurants. Architecturally, they may extend a transitional element between the building and the sidewalk, street or parking lot, but more importantly, a shade structure can create a comfortable environment where people can mingle with food, drinks and a pleasant ambiance while feeling protected from the elements.

One of the easiest ways to offer your guests the pleasure of an open-air dining experience is to add some charming patio umbrellas. When you personalize and imprint your brand on these patio umbrellas, they can accentuate and make your restaurant’s design and style remarkable to passers-by while providing your customers with shelter from intense sunlight, rain, and wind.

Vitally, adding shade structures can increase your restaurant’s usable space and your revenues. Not only can outdoor seating attract more customers, but a shade structure can greatly increase availability for customer seating making highly-usable outdoor options for patio, balcony, deck, and rooftop areas, often year-round in more temperate climates.

In fact, recent studies indicate that providing outdoor seating options can easily increase revenues by thirty percent or more.

Additionally, outdoor seating provides many opportunities for flexibility in seating arrangements. Even smaller spaces that are sheltered can provide intimate places for customers to relax, visit, and drink as they wait for their table.

Whether the space you’re looking to shade is large, small or uniquely shaped, there are great solutions to fit any outdoor space and enhance your restaurant’s curb appeal.

Striking Poggesi restaurant umbrellas are available in a wide range of appealing colors, shapes and sizes that can attract more customers to your restaurant for al fresco relaxation, dining and drinks.

Your diners will love the atmosphere created from the shades, shadows, and lights composing your outdoor space and many guests feel the experience can make their food taste better and fresher. Nearly everyone can appreciate the respite of an unobstructed view with protection from the elements.

Make your restaurant widely recognizable, attract more customers, accommodate increased seating and generate expanded revenues by providing your guests with an exceptional outdoor dining experience in nearly any weather.

Poggesi umbrellas are crafted in the mountains of Italy by our engineers and artisans and created to your unique vision and aesthetics. Our finely crafted fabrics are beautiful, unique, and durable. Available in a variety of elegant colors, our high-quality umbrellas look great, withstand tough weather, and are easy to maintain, and our patented umbrella technology makes it easy to open and close your weather-resistant umbrellas with a mere touch and a push.

It makes sense to invest in a shade structure that will enhance your restaurant’s appearance and endure the elements, providing shade and protection for your guests for many years to come.

Let us show you why we are the leaders in “The Art of Creating Shade.”

For more information about the many options to design and customize your restaurant’s shade structures, please contact us.