Italian Home Design Ideas That Will Motivate You

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Italy is known for its style, and it has been for a long time. When we think of the beautiful (or bellissimo, we should say), we think of Italy. We think of fine tastes, of Gucci and Ferrari. Above all, you should remember that Italian design means smart [...]

How to Double Your Restaurant Business with Outdoor Umbrellas

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Being in the restaurant business, you have a lot to think about. From your daily operations to ensuring you have enough customers daily to keep the lights on. Working with many different restaurants over the years, we understand the importance of not only running your business but also [...]

10 Commercial and Outdoor Restaurant Patio Designs That’ll Turn Heads (With Pictures)

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If you’re in need of some outdoor restaurant patio design ideas that’ll pull in the guests and make them happy upon arrival, during drinks and/or meals, and even for dessert, then you’ve caught us at the perfect time. Poggesi is here with commercial & restaurant patio design inspiration [...]

18 DIY Poolside Decorating Ideas That Scream "Summer!"

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When decorating your poolside deck, patio, or yard, you want to bring fun colors, practical storage, and unique, personalized touches to the mix. We hope you’ll enjoy some of the DIY pool projects below. We think they’ll give your poolside some flair. Careful, though: Your guests may never [...]

Patio Design Ideas to Make Your Patio Summer Ready (Without Being a Designer)

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Looking for patio design ideas? You don’t have to be an expert outdoor designer to make your patio the envy of all your neighbors, friends, and family. Give your outside space a summertime facelift by following our how-to guide below. These steps are rather simple, but they go [...]

21 Patio Privacy Ideas to Make Your Yard More Private

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Whether you love your neighbors or not, we all need a little privacy in our yards from time to time. We host parties, sunbathe, take naps, and eat romantic meals under the stars, all on our lawns and patios. Be inspired by the privacy solutions below. You’re already [...]

10 Stunning Covered Patio Ideas You Can Start This Weekend

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Looking to spruce up your covered patio this summer? If you love spending time under your covered space or if you entertain dinner guests frequently out there, then you’re probably wondering about ways to make this area more magical, relaxing, and inviting. Stay tuned. You can get started [...]

15 Smart Dining and Outdoor Living Space Ideas

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It’s summer, and we’re moving our dinner parties outdoors. What sounds more heavenly than an evening in sweet relief from the heat, a glass of wine in hand, and the fireflies dancing among the darkening trees? We’re waiting… You’re going to love these small outdoor backyard patio dining [...]

10 Creative Uses of Custom Commercial Umbrellas

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When it comes to branding your business, the key is to place your brand logo and colors on nearly everything and anything you can. Chances are you already have your logo on hats, shirts, pens, mugs, and other common promotional items, but have you ever considered an umbrella? [...]

Customer Round Up: 10 High-End Patio Umbrella Set Ups That Will Inspire You

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When searching for a high-end patio umbrellas sometimes it can be a daunting task in deciding which umbrellas to choose. What color should you choose? What size? Will it match your furniture? So many questions to ask, so sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. We've [...]