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How To Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

How To Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture
Choosing outdoor furniture for a new outdoor space is a pleasurable experience. Before making the financial commitment, make a list of the activities you are designing the space for. Will it be used for family dining throughout the day or social gatherings with friends in the evening? Then select the furniture that best serves the primary function of the outdoor space.  Other factors to consider are functionality, cost, and comfort. Consider buying furniture that serves a dual purpose as additional seating and storage space. Then cushions can be stored when not in regular use, but you have extra seating when there are a lot of guests. Buy quality outdoor furniture, it will save on costs in the long term. After all, the right patio furniture is an investment.  There are many types of outdoor furniture to choose from. A dining set with a dining table and chairs is necessary when your purpose is eating together. Add a Poggesi umbrella for shade, and the meals together will be very comfortable. A lounge set is ideal when the outdoor space is used for social gatherings. It can be a combination of sofas, loveseats, chaise lounges, and lounge chairs with side tables or a coffee table.   The enjoyment of an outside space should be complemented by comfortable furniture. Before buying, test the furniture by sitting on it. Comfortable furniture is not only relaxing to sit on but contributes to an atmosphere of ease and enjoyment.      

Consider Your Weather 

Durability should be the basis when you choose outdoor furniture. It must survive continuous exposure to natural elements from direct sunlight to dust, wind, and rain. The materials chosen for outdoor furniture are thus of the utmost importance. Most teak, cedar, all-weather wicker, and metal pieces are weather-resistant.  When you choose all-weather wicker, sometimes known as PE rattan, it is good to know the product is fully recyclable. It does not dry out or become brittle despite being left in the sun for months at a time. There are so many styles of PE rattan to choose from, making a final decision could be difficult. With regular cleaning and some basic maintenance, all outdoor furniture can look good for years.      

Measure Your Outdoor Space

Measure the outdoor space you will be furnishing and take note of its shape. Is it a spacious patio or a narrow balcony? The outdoor space size and shape will determine the size and types of outdoor furnishings you can choose. A bistro table with two chairs fits neatly on a narrow balcony, while a spacious patio can accommodate a dining table, chairs, and a Poggesi umbrella.   Before choosing the furniture, sketch the outdoor space. If you have a basic layout and need to check furniture measurements, remember to leave enough room for people to walk around the furniture comfortably.

Determine Where You’ll Place the Furniture

Is the outdoor space for which you are buying furniture covered or exposed to the elements? If it is covered, there are a lot of outdoor furniture materials to choose from. Occasional cleaning of the furniture, cushions, and pillows will be all that is needed.   However, if the patio is always exposed to elements such as sun and rain, the material from which the furnishings are made must fit its environment. If the correct material is not chosen, the furniture will crack, wear out or fade quickly.

Provide Storage Space

Provide storage space for outdoor furniture if you live in an area with harsh winter conditions or hurricanes. Moving the furniture to a shed, garage, or basement during this time will add years to its useful life. Some poolside furniture is designed to be stackable, a practical consideration when it needs to be moved inside and space is limited.  When you do not want to leave cushions or pillows overnight, purchase outdoor furniture designed to provide storage. It might be an ottoman or a separate storage box.    Poggesi USA is based in Miami, Florida. We provide outdoor umbrellas and gazebos for residential and commercial use and can customize the products to your requirements. With our GESI range, we also provide outdoor furniture for commercial use. When choosing outdoor furniture, add a Poggesi umbrella. Contact Poggesi today.