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What umbrella color to choose for your restaurant?

What umbrella color to choose for your restaurant

When it comes to choosing the best umbrellas for your restaurant, size and shape are top considerations. But what about color? Believe it or not, umbrella color is more than a matter of aesthetics. From providing better shade to preventing stains, color can play a surprisingly important role in the overall functionality of your umbrellas. The umbrella color at your restaurant can influence your restaurant’s ambiance, which is why you will want to choose the right colors for your outdoor umbrellas when setting up an outdoor restaurant eating area. Here is a quick guide on the best outdoor umbrella colors for both aesthetic and practical purposes to help you choose a color for your restaurant.

Restaurant patio umbrella color

Are dark or light patio umbrellas better?

Both darker and lighter colors have pros and cons. Over time, lighter colors will be more exposed to dirt and stains. As you will need to wash the fabric more often, it may require more time for maintenance. The key advantage is the increased resistance to fading. Dark canopies are better at hiding stains from dirt, bird drops, or rust but are more exposed to the fading process. You also want to consider whether you want the umbrella to stand out in a bolder color or blend more into the landscaping. As black can absorb heat, it became a standard practice to use black cloth in the making of umbrellas. The black fabric dries faster because black/dark surfaces absorb more heat from the surroundings than lighter surfaces. As a result, the evaporation process is faster.


Choose Umbrella Color for your restaurant

Which is the best color umbrella for sun protection?

Dark colors of identical fabric types absorb ultraviolet rays more strongly than lighter shades like whites and pastels, increasing sun protection. However, bright colors such as red can also absorb UV rays—the more vivid the color, the greater the protection. Fabrics with darker or more intense colors typically have better UV absorption. Deep blue shades offer the highest absorption, while yellow shades offer the least. It is usually said that black umbrellas are best against the sun since black absorbs most of the radiation. The standard umbrellas in the market are often painted black outside and silvery inside. A black layer (either inside or outside the umbrella) absorbs more UV rays than other colors.

What psychological effect can color have on your customers?

Various colors can affect your guests in different ways, making them powerful tools for shaping how your customers behave in your restaurant. Here is a brief overview of how common colors may affect your customers:

  • Red increases your customers’ heart rates and can make them hungry. It can also make your guests eat more quickly and leave, which can be useful for increasing your table turnover rate.
  • Orange makes people feel happy and cheerful. It is also excellent for establishments that serve desserts or unhealthy food, as it makes customers content and less likely to feel guilty for eating poorly.
  • Some shades of bright yellow may have a similar impact as orange, making people happy and content. As yellow is very vibrant and exciting, it is not ideal for relaxed environments.
  • Earthy tones like green are very relaxing and comforting. Green is commonly found in nature, making it an excellent choice for establishments that serve healthy and natural foods.
  • Brown is an earthy color that may help customers relax and feel comfortable. It can also give patrons a sense of support and stability, and it can even convince guests to come back as repeat customers.
  • Blue is a color most restaurants should avoid, as it can cause your customers to lose their appetites. Additionally, if you have bright blue umbrellas, the shade of blue can reflect onto your food and make it look less appetizing. Blue reduces customers’ appetites, but it makes them thirsty.

Which color lasts longer in the sun?

When choosing a color for your restaurant umbrellas, be sure to select a color that will continue to look vibrant even after the sun takes its toll.

  • Certain colors, such as red or blue, will fade and look washed out more quickly than orange or yellow.
  • The lighter colors repel the sun’s rays better than the darker colors. As the darker colors will tend to absorb the sun, fading will occur at a faster rate.
  • When selecting a color for your restaurant umbrellas, know that greens, violets, and blues are more resistant to sun fading, whereas red is typically the first color on the spectrum to fade.
  • However, black umbrellas do not fade as quickly as some other colors, which means they will look nicer, longer. In addition, this versatile hue matches almost anything and looks fabulous against virtually any backdrop and in any environment.

Whatever your color preference, be sure to choose patio umbrellas crafted from high-quality, solution-dyed material, as that will play a significant role in how any umbrella color holds over time.

For professional guidance in choosing the right umbrella color for your restaurant patio, turn to the experts at Poggesi to help you select the best option that will enhance the appearance of your restaurant and endure the elements, providing shade and protection for many years to come. Contact us today!