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Choosing the best outdoor kitchen shade solutions

Choosing the best outdoor kitchen shade solutions

There is a lot to consider when designing your dream outdoor kitchen, from choosing the right appliances to setting up the plumbing and making sure your kitchen is the right size. If you have got a sunny exposure in your backyard, one thing you do not want to forget is to provide sufficient shade! Although outdoor kitchens are functional for various reasons (added space, state-of-the-art cooking facilities, ideal entertaining), spending time outdoors inherently has a few uncontrollable factors—namely, the weather. Few things can ruin a cookout more than like a sudden thunderstorm. Do not let the few clouds or occasional summer rain ruin your backyard parties. Installing some form of covering for your outdoor kitchen adds an immediate protection layer from the elements.

What kind of shade should you install for your outdoor kitchen?

Some of the possible outdoor kitchen amenities may include a seating area, food prep or grilling station, fridge, pizza oven, stainless steel appliances, ceiling fans, and other extras. One of the best ways to protect your investment in your new outdoor kitchen, ensuring you can use it for years to come through multiple seasons, is by installing a cover to provide shade from the elements while cooking, dining, and entertaining outdoors. Here are some of our favorite outdoor kitchen shade ideas to flaunt and protect your outdoor space.


Patio umbrellas are a relatively inexpensive solution for sunny spots and come in fun patterns to add a splash of color. Umbrellas are also temporary fixtures, meaning homeowners can store them elsewhere during cooler weather. However, they are not entirely weatherproof, so you will need to remember to clean off pollen and leaves, ensure that they are secured in heavy wind, and replace them when they get too worn or faded.


The easiest, most versatile, and least expensive shading option to install is the canopy. Outdoor kitchen canopies can play a double role: they protect diners from the elements and can also be used to accent the dining area space. Canopies offer multiple styles and sizes to choose from. A sturdy, sizeable metal canopy can double the size of your outdoor kitchen area and provide a permanence that lasts through areas with unpredictable climates. Whether you set up a simple tail-gating tent or a colorful shade-sail, the idea remains the same: a cloth roof that filters the direct sunlight over a large area. Canopies are often sturdier than umbrellas and let guests spread out a bit more while keeping cool.

Open-roof and Closed-roof pergolas:

Another option is to add an open-roof pergola. These permanent fixtures can be incorporated into the overall layout of your open-air kitchen, lending a visual interest and grace. Open-roof pergolas let some sunshine in, so you are not blocking out the sun completely, but they do keep your guests cool as they enjoy the weather. In many ways, it allows the best of both worlds! If you prefer to have dry zones of your outdoor living space fully shaded, then a closed-roof pergola is the way to go. Pergolas can provide a sophisticated option for covered outdoor kitchen designs. These permanent structures also protect you from the rain so that you can enjoy your outdoor space in any weather.
Outdoor kitchen shade is more important than most people realize. Whether you choose an umbrella, a canopy, or a pergola, you cannot go wrong in selecting some form of coverage for your new outdoor kitchen. Create a convenient outdoor kitchen and entertainment space that is functional and enjoyable no matter the weather. For more information about the best outdoor kitchen shade solutions to match your lifestyle, contact Poggesi today.