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Why Choose a Larger Size Commercial Umbrella?

Simply put, a patio umbrella that is too small won’t provide enough protection from the sun and weather. In areas where overhead shelter isn’t provided by a roof, larger-size commercial umbrellas can offer the perfect solution. Whether for a commercial or residential setting, a large patio umbrella offers better coverage for sizable outdoor gathering areas. In fact, you may even benefit from multiple umbrellas instead of only one depending upon the size of the space that you wish to shelter, or if there is more than one area to consider such as dining areas, pools, playgrounds, or other spaces. It’s important to correctly determine how big the umbrella should be for your space, especially for outdoor dining areas where there are multiple tables or seating groupings. Therefore, it’s best to look around and measure the square footage of the space you are looking to cover. A good guideline to determine the canopy dimensions is to first measure the area that you want to shade, taking into consideration the room needed for chairs and adding two to three feet to each side to provide the right amount of shade. You might also consider anything else you may want to shelter, such as rugs, plants or other furnishings. Larger-sized commercial patio umbrellas come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, and cantilever umbrellas are a popular patio choice because of their flexibility and ability to shade a large area without the obstruction of a center pole. They also allow for adjustment of the placement of the canopy with 360° rotation, tilt control, and height adjustment. When you’re looking for beautiful larger-size commercial umbrellas for your home or your business, with Poggesi you can buy with confidence. Poggesi specializes in the design of umbrellas that are superior in aesthetic value and function, carefully crafted by our talented engineers and artisans in the mountains of Italy. We also make it easy for you to create custom umbrellas, using our already-existing designs and tweaking their size, color, and shape to suit your needs and preferences. It makes sense to invest in a shade structure that will enhance the appearance of your business or home and endure the elements, providing shade and protection for many years to come. Let us show you why we are the leaders in “The Art of Creating Shade.” For more information, please contact us.