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Oudoor Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas

Nothing says cool and versatile quite like a cantilever umbrella

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Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
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An outdoor cantilever umbrella can be used at a restaurant, cafes, golf courses, hotels, resorts, and so on. A commercial cantilever umbrella can be used in large open areas where groups of people can gather and converse. It provides a comfortable, shady spot for meetings and social gatherings.  
Frame construction


An offset cantilever umbrella can be used around pools, on decks, and the like. You can create a shaded area anywhere, especially in open areas on your patio or in your garden. The offset umbrella is a great way to provide both shading and a comfortable roomy-type feeling in an otherwise empty area. It’s also great for pathways – putting down an offset umbrella is a great way to shade you and your guests while you are walking down the path. 

How to Choose an Umbrella Based on Your Requirements

Choosing an umbrella for you and your loved ones or your business depends on the size that you need as well as your budget. Sizing and shaping of the cantilever umbrella can vary, as well as the price. The range of the size of the umbrella area is usually between 9 and 13 feet (2.74 to 4 m) in diameter, with a fair amount of umbrellas measuring about 10 feet (3.05 m) across. We can make umbrellas up to 15’ x 15’, which is rare in the industry. If you desire different shapes, the umbrella part includes square, hexagonal, and octagonal shapes. Each design includes a variety of fabrics. Some of the umbrellas are made of materials like linen and polyester fabrics. Colors can vary (so you can choose the color of your desire) and fabrics may come in single colors, stripes or various patterns. Metal poles are frequently preferred but wood or plastic could make up at least part of the umbrella pole. Our umbrellas are commercial aluminum grade and will last for many years to come.

Why Choose Poggesi USA for Your Commercial and Residential Cantilever Umbrellas?

Poggesi USA is a long-time leader in the shading industry due to its history of providing products that excel in durability and quality by using the finest materials available in state-of-the-art facilities. Our umbrellas are crafted in the mountains of Italy by our engineers and artisans who all stand ready to create unique designs that perfectly compliment a soothing and relaxing morning or evening shaded from the elements. For more info on our cantilever umbrellas, contact us today!


Poggesi offers durable, commercial-grade wind-resistant umbrellas able to withstand the toughest of outdoor elements to provide reliable shade to your customers.


Customize your Poggesi commercial umbrellas for your business. Whether you have specific brand colors or you want to add your own logo, you can make it yours.

Safe & Reliable

Our commercial-grade and TUV safety certified umbrellas will put your mind at ease when crafting an outdoor space that balances beauty and reliability.

We’ll meet your residential or commercial umbrella requirements.

Request a call with a Poggesi shade concierge to have all of your questions answered, receive specs, size guidelines, and more to help make your project successful.