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Patio Umbrella

Large Patio Umbrellas

Create The Perfect Shade For Your Patio

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Custom Design Patio Umbrellas

Another reason why Poggesi USA patio umbrellas are the outdoor patio umbrellas of choice is the fact that they are easily customizable to suit your individual needs as well as your pocket. We already have an impressive collection of patio umbrellas, and these models can be tweaked according to size, color, base type, and more. The end result is an umbrella that fits in perfectly with the size and branding of your establishment.

Italian Patio Umbrella

Types Of  Umbrellas

Poggesi USA specializes in two main types of patio umbrellas, including:

  • Center Post Umbrellas
    Center post umbrellas are ‘traditional’ umbrellas with their post in the center of their design. These umbrellas are versatile and durable.
  • Cantilever Patio Umbrellas or also known as Offset Umbrellas
    cantilever umbrella is suspended in the air with the help of a freestanding pole on the side. These umbrellas are usually placed on the edge of an outdoor patio area, rather than in the middle.

Both of these types of umbrellas are available as freestanding umbrellas, half patio umbrellas or retractable umbrellas.

How To Choose Outdoor Umbrellas For Your Patio

When choosing patio umbrellas, there are four main aspects that you will need to consider in order to make sure that you are making the best possible investment:

Color, Size, Shape, and Price.

Why Choose Poggesi For Your Restaurant Shading?

Here at Poggesi USA, we go out of our way to provide you with shading solutions and outdoor patio umbrellas that you can count on for quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Take a look at our selection now and see for yourself. Alternatively, contact us for further information.


Poggesi offers durable, commercial-grade wind-resistant umbrellas able to withstand the toughest of outdoor elements to provide reliable shade to your customers.


Customize your Poggesi commercial umbrellas for your business. Whether you have specific brand colors or you want to add your own logo, you can make it yours.

Safe & Reliable

Our commercial-grade and TUV safety certified umbrellas will put your mind at ease when crafting an outdoor space that balances beauty and reliability.

We’ll meet your residential or commercial umbrella requirements.

Request a call with a Poggesi shade concierge to have all of your questions answered, receive specs, size guidelines, and more to help make your project successful.