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How to Measure for Your Restaurant Umbrellas

The right patio umbrellas can expand the space for your guests, allowing them to dine comfortably both day and evening while providing protection from inclement weather and bright sunlight. They also serve as a focal point, creating instant brand recognition or exposure. In fact, branding and customization are often at the forefront of why many restaurant owners choose custom designed umbrellas. However, in order for your restaurant umbrellas to be both functional and stylish, it’s vital to choose the right shape and size. Fortunately, restaurant umbrellas are not restricted to traditional shapes such as round, square or rectangular. They can be designed trapezoidal or asymmetric solutions based on the surface you wish to be covered. In fact, customized umbrellas are a great option for your challenging or extremely unique space. The size of your umbrella is determined by the square footage available for your area. If the umbrella is too small, it won’t provide enough protection from the sun and weather. With commercial cantilever umbrellas, you have the flexibility to create nearly any space you desire. Cantilever umbrellas can be raised or lowered and tilted to permit movement from left to right, forward and backward or even a full 360-degree rotation, letting you change the angle of the umbrella to help keep your guests protected at all times. Additionally, cantilever umbrellas can provide shade without the obstructions of center poles. These large umbrellas are suspended by a pole offset to one side and are usually placed on the edge of an outdoor patio area rather than in the middle. This places them out of the way of your customers, and the umbrellas look better and do not take up as much valuable space. A good guideline to determine the canopy diameter is to first measure the area, tables or seating groups that you wish to shade, taking into consideration the room needed for chairs and adding two to three feet to each side to provide the right amount of shade. Then, consider anything else you may want to shelter, such as rugs, plants or other furnishings. Since these measurements are typically done in square footage, the way to calculate that is by measuring the length and width of your area then multiplying those two numbers together to get the square footage. In fact, you may find that you would benefit from multiple umbrellas instead of only one depending upon the size of the space or if there is more than one area to consider. When making the important decision of the right umbrella for your restaurant patio, ask the experts at Poggesi. We’re the experts in restaurant patio design and shade, and we can help you select the best option for your outdoor space. All of our restaurant umbrellas promise durability, maximum shade, and superior aesthetic beauty. For more information, please contact us.