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What is the Difference Between Market Umbrellas and Patio Umbrellas?

Do you know what a market umbrella is? How about a patio umbrella? They are both umbrellas but their origins were utilized for different reasons. You have probably sat under both while enjoying a backyard BBQ or dining out at a beachside bistro. Here are the differences between the two.

Patio Umbrella 

People have always needed something to block the elements when they sat outside. The patio umbrella is just that. A patio umbrella is for providing shade on your patio. It is used for outdoor home use. There are several designs but this is what you would enjoy in your backyard, take with you on a picnic, or use at the beach. They can be in a traditional bell shape or even square and include beach umbrellas and tilting backyard umbrellas. While a patio umbrella was created for recreational, outdoor use, the market umbrella was used for commercial purposes.

Market Umbrella 

A market umbrella is a style that encompasses many uses and is defined by its shape. It was traditionally developed for merchants selling their goods in the open markets, looking for a way to protect their products and produce from the sun. It also served as shading for themselves and customers. This was a cheaper option than a tent and the merchant could make it from stick framing and a covering from canvas, cloth, or a rug. The market umbrella can be made of any material from wood to aluminum but has its distinctive style. There is a pole in the center and they are octagonal in shape, often having a vented top to help the heat escape.  In today’s market, they can be interchangeable and the goal of buying and using an umbrella is to provide cover from the weather. Be it wind, rain, or sun, market umbrellas and patio umbrellas are a must-have for homes and businesses alike. Poggesi USA is an industry leader in commercial umbrellas, manufactured with the highest quality commercial grade aluminum.  Call us today for more information.