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3 easy ways to create the perfect amount of shade

3 Easy Ways to Create the Perfect Shading
Have you finally decided to get shading in your garden after watching another home makeover show? That spot in the backyard looking a bit wild might be a great space for it. It gets the afternoon sun. And you always wanted a lovely, shaded spot to read or spend time with family. Now is the time for a garden makeover.  Before choosing the perfect shading for your garden, there are a few things to consider. The spot in the back is a nice size, so there are many things you can do with it. Do you want to build a patio and add furniture with a few classical patio umbrellas?  Do you want to create a very modern look with a shade sail or retractable awning? Or do you want to put up a garden structure such as a pergola to grow your favorite climber?        With so many shading options to choose from, where should you start? We show you three easy ways to create the perfect amount of shade.

Open an Umbrella

Open an umbrella. It is a convenient source of shade for an outdoor dining area. Poggesi offers many styles of patio umbrellas to choose from, and there is one that will fit your backyard spot.  All Poggesi umbrellas are designed with one hundred percent acrylic weather-resistant awning grade canvas from Sunbrella®. The umbrella pole and frame are made from powder-coated aluminum, with stainless-steel cables and bolts. The whole structure is corrosion-resistant. Depending on the furniture layout you eventually choose, you can select a center pole or cantilever outdoor umbrella.The outdoor umbrellas are available in square, rectangular and octagonal shapes. You can even add a valance to the canopy if you want. Create extra seating with a fitted cushion at the base of a cantilever umbrella.  If you wonder what a Poggesi umbrella in various shapes and colors will look like, try the builder on the website. Open an Umbrella

Put Up a Canopy Gazebo  

Should you put up a canopy gazebo? Poggesi’s gazebo collection includes the Gate Shade, Mood Balance and Mood YPE. Gate Shade was designed by the internationally renowned industrial designer Nicolas Thompkins. Its arch design is pure, modern and integrates two arm-awnings, a customized hi-fi system and LED stripes.   Mood Balance, just like Gate Shade, has just two ground anchorage points. The pillars are made from aluminum, and the canopy is manually retractable. The standard design can be customized with decorative wooden boundary panels, side curtains or LED strips under the roof.     Mood YPE’s aluminum frame has four ground anchorage points and a retractable canopy roof controlled with a stainless-steel rod. It is available in standard and custom sizes with many accessory options. All Poggesi gazebos use Sunbrella fabrics that are weather, water and fade resistant. It offers up to ninety-eight per cent ultraviolet protection.  Put Up a Canopy Gazebo  

Choose the Right Tree  

If you feel that neither an umbrella nor a gazebo is right for that backyard spot, how about a tree? It might take a while to grow, but the result will be rewarding if you choose the right indigenous tree. The Arbor Day Foundation is a good source of information on the best trees to plant for your county. They have a plant hardiness zone map that divides the United States into zones. Just enter a zip code to see which trees you can plant. The hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) appears in a blog highlighting the twelve fastest growing shade trees. It provides good shade and is hardy. The hackberry tolerates different temperatures, soils, air pollution, strong winds and needs very little water. Poggesi is based in Miami, Florida. We provide outdoor commercial and residential umbrellas that can be customized for your specific needs. Poggesi also offers outdoor furniture and cushions with durability and style. Do you want to create shading in your garden with an umbrella or gazebo? Contact Poggesi today.