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Mood YPE Collection

The clean and essential design of this gazebo, makes it one of the most versatile models in Poggesi's contemporary collection. The aluminum frame supports a manually retractable canopy roof that one can control with the simple use of a stainless steel rod. The canopy can be locked on either side, depending whether it is open or closed, with a system of magnets.

Mood YPE Gazebo
Outdoor Pool Umbrellas
Outdoor Pool Umbrellas
Outdoor Umbrellas

Modern Luxury

Mood Ype provides numerous new configurations and customisations: alongside the traditional side curtains and the lighting system with LED strips, in fact, we have added shady side panels, vertical reller curtains and lastly the possibility to add a perimeter gutter channel for the collection of rainwater.

Customized Solutions

The perimeter gutter, which considerably increases the product’s performance level, transforms the pavilion into a perfect response even for the most demanding Contract solutions.


Available in a variety of standard and custom sizes up to 16′ × 13′, it can also be coupled to create structures to cover larger spaces.

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