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Mood Balance Collection

Mood Balance provides shade for outdoor spaces using just two ground anchorage points. Its secret is the perfect aesthetic and static balance of the bearing structure.

The structure can be fixed to the ground or balanced using the optional ballasts that can be converted into planters or benches for extra seating.

Combining Design & Functionality

The pillars made up of two aluminium struts with a 4.7″ x 7.9″ x 0.79″ section provide great stability and ensure solid support for the manually retractable canopy. The roof can reach a maximum area of 17′ x 16.5′ in the symmetrical configuration, where the pillars are in the centre of the roof, and 14′ x 13.5′ in the asymmetrical configuration, where the roof is offset from the pillars.


Mood Balance’s accessories increase the possibilities of use of its standard equipment. The decorative wooden or aluminium boundary panels, the LED perimeter lighting kits and the LED strips under the roof, the side curtains and the possibility of customisation by laser engraving make it an extremely flexible product for domestic and contract projects.

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