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Gate Shade

Gate Shade represents the beginning of a cooperation with Nicolas Thomkins, a designer of international fame. The arch with its pure and modern design is the core of the structure, which integrates two arm awnings, a customized hi-fi system and LED stripes.

Nicolas Thomkins has created a structure of great beauty and aesthetic value whether fully opened providing suitable cover from the sun or collected.

Unosider - Gate Shade Collection

Advanced Shade Technology

Outdoor Pool Umbrellas

Modern Luxury

The metal housing of the arch is available in several colors, while the inner frame is made of steel. Both integrated arm awnings can be operated via a remote control, and provide a 350 square feet maximum covered area. Available as accessories, Poggesi proposes also flower boxes and garden benches to be used as ballast to stabilize the structure when anchoring the frame to the ground isn’t possible.
Outdoor Restaurant Umbrellas

Remote Controlled Shade System

The bow is all metal and available in different colors with an internal steel structure. Tents integrated into the top are controllable with a remote control and allow you to reach a maximum coverage of 16’ x 21′.

Options & Accessories

Unosider also offers flower pots and benches (available as accessories) to ballast the ground structure where it is not possible to anchor through holes in the ground.

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