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Choosing the right fabric for cantilever umbrellas

An umbrella canopy is the overhead material that directly shades and protects you from outdoor elements like precipitation and ultraviolet rays. The canopy of your umbrella also adds significant aesthetic value to your outdoor area. Choosing the canopy fabric is one of your most important decisions when purchasing a cantilever umbrella. The color or pattern on the canopy is the most visible aspect of the umbrella, but it also needs to protect you from the sun’s heat and glare.  Canopies are made from different materials, each with their own physical characteristics, benefits, drawbacks, and cost considerations. Certain fabrics are coated with PVC or styrene-acrylic to improve weather resistance, but the process can weaken the textile’s tensile tearing strength. The best material for cantilever umbrellas is fabrics that can withstand UV fading and not absorb any water. The right fabric choice for you will depend on your budget. There are many options to choose from. Sunbrella is the most popular fabric for outdoor cantilever umbrellas because it is durable, as well as stain- and weather-resistant. Acrylic is soft, lightweight, and can easily be dyed in vibrant and colorful shades. This material resists shrinking or wrinkling and retains its shape well. Acrylic can be sensitive to high temperatures.

Tips for choosing the right fabric

There are various types of materials specially designed to resist the harsh conditions of the outdoors, each with unique traits that will complement different lifestyles and locations. For a cantilever umbrella that will not fade in the sun, canvas or vinyl fabrics are a good option. To save money, you can go with a polyester umbrella. It is almost as durable as Sunbrella and is similarly resistant to fading, mold, and holes or tears.  Although outdoor cantilever umbrellas are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, they are bound to get dirty over time. Choosing a cleanable umbrella now will save you from a scrubbing-induced headache in the future. Olefin or Coolaroo umbrella fabrics are easy to wipe clean. They also resist mold and stains, so you do not have to clean them as often. You can clean them once a year before you store them away for the season, and they will be good to go. At Poggesi, we use Sunbrella fabrics for our canopy material. We also use commercial grade aluminum, which is the best-proven material for long-lasting outdoor umbrellas.

Mold and mildew resistant

You will want to choose a cantilever umbrella with a canopy that is mold and mildew resistant. Depending on your location and weather conditions, your umbrellas could be exposed to all types of weather. Know your weather, and be sure to choose an umbrella that can withstand all ranges of weather, from downpours and snow, to long-term sun exposure.


Choose a fabric that is fade resistant. Since your cantilever umbrella will be outdoors, it will be exposed to direct sunlight all day. With a lower-end umbrella made from poor material, your new umbrella will look old and faded quickly. Since our umbrellas are built with marine-grade acrylic fabrics, bearing a 10-year warranty against color fading, you will not have to worry about your umbrellas losing their color for a long time.

Protection from UV rays

The primary reason for having an outdoor patio umbrella is to protect your guests and yourself. Some umbrella fabrics that are not created for commercial purposes may allow UV rays to pass through the umbrella canopy, making their purpose moot. Choose an umbrella that has a thick UV resistant canopy fabric. At Poggesi, we use Sunbrella brand fabrics, which have earned high recommendations from the Skin Cancer Foundation to help prevent sun-induced damage to the skin, which significantly benefits your guests. Poggesi is poised to provide hotels, cafes, restaurants, and private residences with outdoor umbrellas, unlike any other. Imported from Italy, our sizeable luxury cantilever umbrellas can perfectly accentuate your private home or serve as commercial outdoor umbrellas that leave a lasting impression on your guests, while providing year-round protection. For more information, contact us today.