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3 Types of Stylish Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas are designed to offer optimal shade to large areas while enhancing aesthetic appeal. Poggesi offers three types of cantilever umbrella to bring you that combination of shelter and style. Take a look and see which of these is best suited to you.

 The Summer

The Summer collection is the most basic of Poggesi’s cantilever umbrella designs. It is a budget-friendly option that is perfect for as patio umbrellas for decks and gardens. It features a soft bellow and can be opened and rotated with a simple touch and push. It is unrivalled for value and price and features 360-degree rotation and a soft bellow.

 The One

The result of careful technological research and design, the One Collection range of umbrellas are equipped with a single crank-and-tilt closing system that allows for easy tilt adjustment. This collection is designed for restaurants with rigid furniture layouts and for decks and patios of all sizes. 

The King

The King collection is the top of the range when it comes to cantilever umbrellas – Pogessi’s most elegant design, well suited to its name. With a 16’ span and a patented, decentralized structure, these models are perfectly suited as commercial umbrellas for large seating areas such as decks and outdoor dining areas. They are operated with a cleverly designed, easy-to-use handle crank that allows you to tilt, rotate, raise and lower the rectangular canopy. The King is designed to accommodate non-removable furniture in your seating area, which makes it a highly adaptable and flexible option. Choose from a beautiful range of color options. Poggesi is a supplier of quality cantilever umbrellas of all types. Choose from our collection or ask us about our custom design services. Contact us for more information.