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Which Base is Best for Outdoor Umbrellas?

Outdoor umbrellas need weighted bases to keep them stable and secure at all times. Good quality bases also ensure that your outdoor umbrellas won’t tip or fall during strong winds. In addition, secure umbrellas also ensure the safety of those who use them. Here are some of the best bases for your outdoor umbrellas:

Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas do not have support in the center. They are suspended with the help of a side pole. These umbrellas need a solid foundation so that they can provide shade to a large area without having the pole as a major distraction. They also need heavy bases, because of their structure, but most bases come with wheels for easy mobility. If you are feeling creative, there are also a few DIY umbrella base options as well. 

Commercial Umbrellas

Commercial umbrellas are found in restaurants, hotels, resorts and country clubs. They can also be used to provide employees with a relaxing lunch area. Commercial umbrellas are used to cover large areas, so they need a solid base to do this. In addition, these umbrellas also need to withstand harsh weather conditions – heavy winds and rainstorms.  If you are looking for strong and durable umbrellas, Poggesi is the answer. At Poggesi, we offer weather-resistant fabrics with an aluminum powder coated structure that are sure to protect your beautiful outdoor umbrellas from the elements.  We also offer a variety of base and stand options:
  • Over ground: this base is visibly placed above the ground.
  • Bolt down: this base bolts your umbrella down to a base-plate.  
  • In-ground: this base secures your umbrella into the ground. 
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