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A Guide to the Different Parts of a Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, colors and features and are available in many different shapes to suit your needs and taste, including square, rectangular, octagonal or round. They generally set up quickly and simply to provide protection from ultra violet rays and wet weather. However, patio umbrellas share certain basic components, including a base, pole, ribs, material, hub, and other mechanisms to lift or close, and for some, to tilt or rotate. Understanding the different parts can help you choose the right patio umbrella to extend your indoor area to the outdoors for relaxing, dining, and entertaining. Therefore, we’ve listed these component descriptions below for your easy reference.

Umbrella Terminology

Canopy – The canopy is the fabric part of an umbrella. Pole, Rod or Shaft – The main support for the fabric canopy is a pole or rod. There are two main types of patio umbrellas, center post or cantilevered. A center post umbrella has a pole that extends from the base straight up into the center of the canopy. A cantilever or offset style umbrella is suspended and supported by a rod placed to one side rather than in the middle of its canopy. A vertical rod rises and connects with an angled horizontal rod creating a triangular attachment. The arrangement helps to keep the pole out of the way, allows a larger area to be shaded, and imparts strength, stability, and safety. Base – Patio umbrellas use either a weighted base to secure them and keep them upright, a bolt down base or an in-ground base. Each of these solutions applies to different situations. Ribs – The ribs hold the canopy in the open position. The main ribs are attached to the top of the umbrella and extend from the center to the outer edge of the fabric. Additional support ribs are connected under the main ribs. With our larger structures, our aluminum ribs are reinforced with an inner aluminum rib. Hubs/Crowns – The hubs are ringed systems that hold the ribs in place and slide up and down to open and close the fabric canopy. Finial – The finial anchors the fabric canopy to the pole or rod. Mechanisms/Winches – A lift mechanism raises a hub and support ribs to open the canopy. Some umbrellas offer a tilt mechanism that also allows the canopy to be tilted to maintain shade as the sun moves throughout the day. For the most versatility, the mechanisms on high quality cantilever umbrellas allow the canopy to be raised or lowered and tilted to permit movement from left to right, forward and backward or even a full 360-degree rotation without ever moving the base. With Poggesi patio umbrellas, it takes only a touch and a push to adjust the umbrella for the perfect angle and setting. Let us show you why we are the leaders in “The Art of Creating Shade.” For more information about the features of our stylish patio umbrellas for your home or business, please contact us.