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Outdoor Umbrellas

Check out our guide to outdoor umbrellas for your space!

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Poggesi USA Collections Jok Collection
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Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas

Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas can be used at a Café, Country Club, Golf Course, Cruise ships and yachts, resorts and hotels. Canvas or acrylic umbrellas are perfect patio umbrellas that won’t fade in the sun.  

Large Pool umbrella

Residential Outdoor Umbrellas

Residential outdoor umbrellas can be used for a patio, pool deck, garden, porch, and BBQ area. Custom residential umbrellas are ideal for use on the patio or next to the pool. They can also be placed in your garden for extra shade, perfect for those wistful Sunday afternoon family picnics.  

How to Choose an Outdoor Umbrella

It’s ideal to choose a standard market umbrella to accompany your outdoor living space. Market umbrellas work for open seating or play areas, but with a center pole, you run the risk of blocking your view. A cantilever, or offset umbrella, is a better choice for any open space. The pole is off to the side making the area obstacle free. Offset umbrellas are particularly useful for shading benches and chairs that don’t belong to a matching patio table. Offset umbrellas can also create a canopy for special events, such as weddings or other outdoor celebrations.

First, it’s important to consider the general weather conditions where you live. Second, you’ll want to prioritize factors like canopy diameter, compactness, weight, durability, and style.

Why Choose Poggesi USA for Outdoor Shading?

From a storied past in the market stalls of Italy, to the tutelage of industry experts, Poggesi USA is poised to provide hotels, restaurants, and private residences with outdoor furnishings unlike any other. Our umbrellas are crafted in the mountains of Italy by our engineers and artisans who all stand ready to create unique designs that perfectly compliment a soothing and relaxing morning or evening shaded from the elements.

For more info on our outdoor umbrellas, contact us today!


Poggesi offers durable, commercial-grade wind-resistant umbrellas able to withstand the toughest of outdoor elements to provide reliable shade to your customers.


Customize your Poggesi commercial umbrellas for your business. Whether you have specific brand colors or you want to add your own logo, you can make it yours.

Safe & Reliable

Our commercial-grade and TUV safety certified umbrellas will put your mind at ease when crafting an outdoor space that balances beauty and reliability.

We’ll meet your residential or commercial umbrella requirements.

Request a call with a Poggesi shade concierge to have all of your questions answered, receive specs, size guidelines, and more to help make your project successful.