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How To Accurately Measure A Patio Umbrella

How To Accurately Measure A Patio Umbrella
Are you looking for the perfect patio umbrella for your outdoor living area? Choosing the best size and shape is vital to creating the atmosphere you want. Oversized umbrellas will make a small space seem even smaller, while the wrong shape creates a feeling that something is out of balance.   To accurately measure a patio umbrella, you must first know which furniture you want to use underneath the outdoor umbrella. Are you buying a bistro table for two to enjoy leisurely lunches in the sunshine? Maybe you purchased a small outdoor sectional for regular get-togethers with friends or a large outdoor dining set for those precious family visits.  Before we discuss what to measure to get the correct size patio umbrella, here are some tips to help with the process.    Tip 1. Choose an outdoor umbrella in a similar shape to the table you want to place beneath it. Tip 2. It is good practice to select an umbrella size that extends over the table or patio lounge furniture by 2 feet on each side.    

Measure The Diameter

Measure The Diameter The first measurement is the canopy size or diameter of the canvas you want. Technically, the diameter is defined by measuring along one of the umbrella rib arms from the center to the outside edge. Multiply that number by two, and you will have the correct patio umbrella size.     When you purchase a round bistro table for two, and take into account the two feet umbrella extension required on all sides, you might choose an octagonal center pole umbrella. Poggesi’s Como collection is a light, elegant octagonal umbrella that will go perfectly with a round bistro table. The canopy is made with Tempotest fabric from the Mare collection and is water, oil, and grease repellent. Any dirt or pollution accumulating on the patio umbrella is easily washed away with water.       

Measure The Pole Diameter

Measure The Pole Diameter The pole diameter depends on the size of the patio umbrella you require and the purpose of the outdoor space. Do you have a small outdoor sectional you want to move to the patio corner where you planted lovely smelling herbs flourishing in the sun? In this instance, a cantilever umbrella would be a better choice than a center pole. Cantilever poles take up a bit more space but are perfect for a corner and allows for ease of movement beneath the canopy.  Poggesi has a cantilever patio umbrella collection called One. The square 8’ by 8’ size canvas should cover a small sectional, and it can be tilted to provide optimal shade where needed. Poggesi umbrellas are uniquely designed to be closed without moving any furniture away.  

Measure The Length

The height or length of patio umbrellas are generally fixed unless you have a tiltable cantilever outdoor umbrella. If you have a 6-person patio dining set and want an umbrella to protect the grandchildren during family visits, try the rectangular shaped Party model from Poggesi. The canvas is 11’ 6” by 8’ 0”, and when it is open, the canopy is 7’ 7” high.         The opening and closing systems of an outdoor umbrella should be easy to use, and the base sturdy enough to keep an umbrella still when there is a slight breeze. The Party model uses a rope and double pulley opening and closing system. Various bases can be used with this model, including a square iron base with concrete weights, round aluminum concrete filled base, or a round polypropylene concrete-filled base.   Poggesi provides hotels, restaurants, and private residences with outdoor furnishings, including outdoor umbrellas. In collaboration with our valuable clients, we can customize the umbrellas to support their vision. Do you want to recreate that French bistro ambience? Maybe you feel like bringing a bit of Italy into your corner patio? We have just the patio umbrella you need. Contact Poggesi today.