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What to do With Your Patio Umbrella in the Off Season

What to do With Your Patio Umbrella in the Off Season
As summer winds down and Labor Day approaches, you may be wondering what to do with your patio umbrella in the off season. To increase the lifespan of your umbrella and keep it looking great season after season, take care to follow a few easy steps when storing it.

Tips for Putting Your Patio Umbrella Away

It’s time to prepare for colder weather and store your patio umbrella in the garage or shed. Closing it and stashing it without any preparation is not optimal. No matter how high the quality of your patio umbrella, sub-optimal storage conditions will detract from its longevity and beauty. Protecting it from dirt, mold, mildew, and other threats should be a priority.

How to Close Your Patio Umbrella

as it sounds. Firstly, ensure that the umbrella is in a stable position to prevent the possibility of it tipping over and causing an injury to you or damage to the umbrella. Proper closing of your patio umbrella extends its lifetime and is not always as simple  Next, place the umbrella canopy in an upright position. For a tilting patio umbrella, make sure that it’s tilted back into an upright position. Rotating offset umbrellas function using the crank handle to close the umbrella. You rotate the handle in an anti-clockwise direction until the canopy is completely closed. Cantilever umbrellas also use a crank handle to retract the umbrella arm. No matter what type of umbrella you own, clean it before storing it. Your umbrella will certainly have gathered dirt over the course of the summer months, so clean it properly before storing it. Start by sweeping leaves, twigs, and any other debris that is sitting on the fabric using a soft bristle brush. Then, take the canopy part of the umbrella off the stand and lay it open on its side. Use warm soapy water to wash the canopy fabric in sections. (Use only a mild soap so as not to stain or bleach the vibrant colors of your canopy.) Rinse the soap off and then wipe it down and leave it open to dry completely. If you don’t, you could end up with moisture build-up that is damaging to fabric and even the mechanics of the umbrella – not to mention the unpleasant odor it can cause. For this reason, it is best to do this job on a sunny day. If you have left it too late and the sunny days of summer are behind you, use a hairdryer or leaf blower to get 100% dryness.  Once you are satisfied that optimal dryness has been achieved, you can close the umbrella and proceed to your next step.

How to Cover the Pole on Your Patio Umbrella

Outdoor patio umbrellas are often sold with their own specifically fitted covers. If yours has one, just wrap the umbrella tightly in it. If your umbrella did not come with its own custom cover, you should wrap it tightly in a sheet of plastic such as a tarp. Your plastic sheet must be bigger than the umbrella. When the cover is secure, tape the sides to keep it in position. Plastic will help protect the umbrella’s fabric from mold, mildew and water spots over the winter months while it holds th e arms of the umbrella in place. Find a place on your property that is certain to remain dry throughout winter. Your secure garage, basement, attic or shed will suffice. The key is to avoid areas where dampness and wet weather could affect the storage space. Carefully storing your outdoor patio umbrella and patio furniture through winter will ensure that, when summer returns next year, your patio will be every bit as stylish as it was this year. To find out more about outdoor accessories as summer winds down, including what to do with your patio umbrella in the off season, get in touch with Poggesi without delay!