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Outdoor Umbrella Repair: Can They Be Repaired?

Outdoor Umbrella Repair: Can They Be Repaired
As outdoor furniture goes, your patio umbrella is probably one of your most valued possessions – especially in the hot summer months when cooling shade and sun protection are in high demand.  Depending on the original quality, outdoor umbrellas can last several years if they are taken care of and well-maintained. However, there are a few common problems that start to arise over time as ageing and general wear and tear take place.  When this happens, you are faced with the question of repairing vs. replacing. Repairing is usually the preferable, more affordable method, but how do you know when a repair is out of the question?

Can Outdoor Umbrellas Be Repaired?

Modern outdoor umbrellas, especially when sourced from a specialized supplier, are usually made to withstand the conditions of their environment. Therefore, high-quality umbrellas are made to be durable, weather-resistant, and fade-resistant.   However, if you do find yourself in a position where your umbrella’s cord has broken, the frame has been damaged, or there are fades and tears in the canvas, it is possible to have these problems repaired. 

Replacing an Outdoor Umbrella’s String

Outdoor Umbrella Rib Repair If your patio umbrella isn’t deploying or retracting, one of the most likely causes is a broken string. Depending on the type of patio umbrella you have, it may be possible to replace the umbrella cord at home using YouTube tutorials and a bit of effort. However, DIY has a lot of steps, and it may be easier to simply take the umbrella in for repairs if you want it done properly.  If you have a cantilever umbrella, you may find it difficult to locate a quality repair service. Not many repair companies repair cantilever umbrellas, but if you do a bit of digging, you will be able to find one that is capable of replacing umbrella cords in any style, tilt, or configuration. 

Outdoor Umbrella Rib Repair

Broken umbrella ribs are usually the result of strong weather conditions like heavy rains, extreme hail, and (most commonly) strong winds. Unfortunately, weather damage is not under warranty for most umbrella companies, meaning the cost of repairing or replacing it often falls solely on your shoulders.  If you are hoping to extend the lifespan of your umbrella, there are a number of businesses that offer repair services for damaged umbrella ribs; you may just need to do a bit of shopping around to find an affordable option. Make sure you get a quote and do your research because if the damage is too severe, it may be a more affordable option to just replace the umbrella frame altogether. 

When It Should Be Replaced

Whether you should repair or replace your outdoor umbrella usually depends on the extent of the damage, but there are things to look out for to help you decide.  Can Outdoor Umbrellas Be Repaired
  • The fabric is worn out or severely faded – As time passes, the quality of the canopy’s fabric can deteriorate. Your umbrella is, after all, exposed to the sunlight, harsh weather conditions, wind, and rain, all the time. While modern umbrellas are made to withstand these conditions, it is still possible. If your fabric has worn down to the point where it is tearing, and the damage is evident, it may be time to replace the canopy. 
  • Damaged pole – There are a lot of factors that can damage the pole of your umbrella. It could fall and bend or break, or the weather can damage it. If there are just a few minor dents, you can probably get away without a repair or a replacement, but if it is completely bent, replacement is your best option. 
  • A broken crank – if the crank of your outdoor umbrella isn’t functioning properly, replacing it is probably the best option. 
  • Broken ribs – the ribs are what keep your umbrella open and upright; if your ribs break, you won’t be able to use the rest of the umbrella. While it is possible to repair outdoor umbrella ribs, if it is not done properly, the damage will likely repeat itself. 
  • Mold or rust – if your patio frame starts to corrode or rust, it is probably time for a replacement; the same goes for excessive mold or mildew on your canopy. In some cases, it is possible to clean, but rust spreads fast and certain molds can be dangerous to human health. Newer umbrellas are made to be resistant to this type of damage, but improper maintenance increases the chances of this happening. 
If you are looking to replace your outdoor umbrella, look for a supplier that can give you beautiful, premium quality products that are designed to withstand wind, heavy weather conditions, fades, and general wear and tear while uplifting the look of our outside area. For a range of premium, Italian-crafted residential and commercial outdoor umbrellas, contact Poggesi today.