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5 Summer Shade Ideas for Your Home

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to start preparing your home to keep it cool and shaded for the summer months. There are several ways you can do this, from outdoor umbrellas to awnings. Here are five tips you can use to add shade to your house and yard.
  1. Shade sails
If you’re looking to cover a large area in your backyard, installing shade sails is a good option. As the name suggests, these are sail-shaped pieces of fabric that can be stretched across a reasonably wide area to provide permanent shade. They can be stretched among poles or from brackets on your roof. You can install shade sails yourself, but they require a little skill. You will need to dig holes for the poles and pour concrete in which to set them.
  1. Pop-up canopy
A canopy or gazebo is a good, non-permanent solution to provide shade in your yard. You can set them up with relative ease. Be sure to anchor them properly, as these structures can easily blow away when the wind is up.
  1. Awnings
Awnings are permanent shade installations that require a significant amount of skill to install – or you may need to get a professional to do the job. A retractable awning is a valuable addition to a house. It can be opened out to shade a patio area and its adjacent windows. Awnings can be retracted either with a hand-crank or an electric motor, spending on the size and model you buy.
  1. Patio umbrellas
Outdoor umbrellas, such as patio umbrellas or pool umbrellas, are perhaps the easiest options to provide shade around your home. They do not require any installation. They can simply be placed in your outdoor entertainment area and closed and covered when not needed. A quality patio umbrella is not just a provider of shade. It is an extension of your outdoor area, a design element that complements your patio furniture.  There are many different kinds to choose from. You could go for a cantilever umbrella, which is designed to be positioned alongside your patio table, with an adjustable canopy that stretches out over the area that you and your guests are occupying. A more straightforward option is an umbrella with a central pole that is positioned through the center of your table. Some people like to make their umbrellas a permanent fixture, attaching them to the walls next to their patios on retractable arms. 
  1. Gate Shade
A product unique to Poggesi, the Gate Shade is a luxury, stylish new design that features a metal bow that extends over your entertainment area, complete with two retractable arm tents to provide comprehensive protection during the day, and which, when folded away, isn’t even visible. The design features LED lighting and a built-in audio system. To top it off, the entire system is operated by remote control. Poggesi has been producing quality shade solutions since 1964, both for private residences and businesses such as hotels and restaurants. For stylish and effective outdoor umbrellas, contact us today.