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Outdoor Restaurant Umbrellas

Pool Umbrellas

Create an outdoor experience your friends will never forget.

Our Clients

Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
Commercial Umbrellas
hotel pool umbrellas
Home Pool Umbrellas
Home Pool Umbrellas
Commercial Pool Umbrellas - cantilever umbrella
Commercial Pool Umbrellas
large outdoor patio pool umbrellas
pool umbrella
Poggesi can help make your home or hotel pool stand out with outdoor pool umbrellas unlike any other. Our outdoor and patio umbrellas are crafted in the mountains of Italy by engineers and artisans, combining functionality and design. We at Poggesi have been collaborating for decades with home and business owners, bringing the perfect shade to pools worldwide. There is nothing better than being able to lounge around the pool in the shade after a brisk dip in the water with a cocktail in one hand and the latest bestseller in the other. Luckily, when it comes to luxurious, stylish, and functional pool umbrellas, Poggesi USA is known for designing and manufacturing the very best.
commercial pool umbrellas

Residential Pool Umbrellas

Residential pool umbrellas are one of our specialties, and we can provide you with one to fit in with the size of your pool area and in practically any color under the sun. With a vast array of models to choose from, it is easy to customize your residential pool umbrella with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Commercial Pool Umbrellas

You will find our commercial pool umbrellas taking pride of place in the pool areas of hotels and country clubs – all around the globe. Available in a wide range of different shapes, types, and sizes, there is nothing holding you back from getting creative.
pool umbrellas

Types Of Umbrellas

Poggesi USA is equipped to craft many different types of pool umbrellas for both residential and commercial applications, with various base installations. Some of the most popular types of umbrellas for pools among our clients include:

Cantilever Pool Umbrellas

A cantilever umbrella is suspended in the air with the help of a freestanding pole on the side for support. These umbrellas are usually placed on the edge of the pool area, rather than in the middle.
Large Pool umbrella

Center Post Umbrellas

Center post umbrellas are the more ‘classic’ types of umbrellas that feature a post in the middle. These umbrellas are placed within the center of a pool area for maximum coverage. Pool umbrellas also come with various types of base installations. They include:
  • In Ground Pool Umbrellas These umbrellas can be installed directly into the ground to allow for improved stability, which is great for peace of mind when the weather is quite windy.
  • Pool Umbrellas That Go in the Water These unique umbrellas are placed directly in the pool itself. This means that it is possible to spend some extra time in the water without fear of over-exposure to the sun. This is a real life-saver on those particularly sweltering days.
  • Bolt Down Pool Umbrellas These umbrellas are kept sturdy with the help of bolts which hold the umbrella firmly in place.
  • Weight Base Above Ground Pool Umbrellas This umbrella’s base is kept above ground and can come equipped with or without wheels for easy mobility depending on your preferences.

How to Choose an Umbrella for Your Pool

Aside from deciding on your budget, choosing an umbrella for your pool area will involve considering the following aspects: Size, Color, and Shape

Why Choose Poggesi USA For Your Pool Shading?

Along with being able to provide you with a host of different options for both residential and commercial pool umbrellas, Poggesi USA also promises superior quality and the opportunity to customize your umbrella to fit in perfectly with your needs and expectations. For more information about our pool umbrellas, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Proven track record of meeting residential and commercial pool shading requirements.