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What Makes a Patio Umbrella Weather-Resistant?

Patio umbrellas are intended to provide shade and shelter against all kinds of weather. The truth is that some umbrellas are better at doing this than others. You may wonder what makes the difference between highly effective patio umbrellas and less effective ones. 

Patio umbrellas – it’s all in the fabric

While any umbrella will offer some shelter, not all of them are able to provide the optimal levels of protection that you really need in both commercial and residential umbrellas. For an umbrella to provide an effective, long-lasting barrier against UV rays and water, it needs to be made of a robust fabric that has been properly treated for the purpose. The fabrics that are most often employed in the manufacture of umbrellas include acrylic, polyester and olefin. All provide excellent waterproofing and sun protection.  Weather-resistance is also a matter of aesthetics, not just function. Umbrellas are sometimes exposed to the sun all day, every day, which means they can fade and lose their color quickly. Solution-dyed fabrics prevent this from happening. Solution-dying is distinguished from piece-dying in that, with the former, the fibers are dyed before they are spun together. This helps them to hold their color for longer. What this means in the world of patio umbrellas is that canopies that are made of solution-dyed fabric will resist fading and stay looking like new for much longer.

Structure matters too

It’s not only rain and sun that umbrellas need to withstand. They also need to remain steady and upright under windy conditions. This is where fine structural design is so important. Whether it’s a center-post or cantilever umbrella, the weight needs to be well distributed across the frame and base to help the umbrella withstand those gusts. Aside from design, it also matters what material is used for the umbrella’s frame. Poggesi umbrellas are made of commercial-grade aluminum, which has proven to be ideal for rugged, long-lasting outdoor umbrellas. In addition to being strong and lightweight, aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion, which means it withstands the elements better than most other materials. Poggesi is a supplier of quality patio umbrellas of all types. Choose from our collection or ask us about our custom umbrella design services. Contact us for more information.