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Tips for Choosing the Best Shade Structures

Tips for Choosing the Best Shade Structures
Sunny pool days are delightful but exhausting without adequate shade. Choosing the right shade structures can help you (or your clients and customers) to enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about harsh UV rays. There are many types of shade structures and the one you choose will depend on your outdoor area, budget, or coverage needed. We provide you with information on the different types of shade structures to help you choose the best one for your home or business needs.

Benefits of shade structures

Shade structures help you to cover a specific entire outdoor area, such as a pool area or outdoor restaurant or cafe. It forms a barrier of protection from UV rays while providing elegance to your outdoor area. Shade structures come in various shapes and have materials that are suited to every residence or business. When choosing a shade structure, make sure you look at the size you require and take the correct measurements. Measure twice if you have to as some structures have posts that are permanently installed and sometimes not adjustable. You can also choose a standard size or custom size depending on the type of shade structure you need. Other benefits of shade structures include:
  • Relatively easy installation
  • High-quality material
  • Durable shade cloth 
  • Affordability


Gazebos Gazebos provide a stable and customizable shade structure to any outdoor area. It is perfect for long-term and custom projects such as outdoor resorts and homes needing uniquely-designed structures. Most gazebos are made from fabric that provides full shade. When choosing a gazebo, it is important to measure correctly and choose the right size of shade structure as it cannot be removed. Benefits of Gazebos
  • Resilient and durable
  • Withstand harsh elements
  • Low maintenance
Poggesi’s expert range of gazebos includes Mode Balance and Gate Shade. Mood Balance provides a shade structure for outdoor spaces using just two ground anchorage points. It provides excellent balance and a structure that is stably fixed to the ground. Gate Shade has a modern design with awnings, a customized hi-fi system, and LED stripes.

An outdoor umbrella

Choose an outdoor umbrella for versatility and elegance. Outdoor umbrellas provide you with adequate coverage to enjoy the sun and also provide elegance depending on the type that you choose. Even though certain umbrellas can be costly, it is often made according to your specifications, allowing you to customize as you need – making it a worthwhile investment. Benefits of outdoor umbrellas
  • Adjustable and can be moved to the required area that needs shade
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes

Choose materials from a reputable supplier

Choose materials from a reputable supplier Your shade structure will be the best if you choose from the best. Your supplier or manufacturer needs to be trusted and have a history of quality products. They should provide a range of pool shade colors and sizes to suit your home or business establishment.  Poggesi has a range of quality gazebos and outdoor umbrellas for outdoor areas. Our designs are finely-crafted and made from only high-quality materials, providing you with sufficient shade, while not compromising on quality. Whether you require a shade structure for your home or workplace, you can browse our range of beautiful styles, designs, and colors before choosing a design that is suitable for your pool. Poggesi has been providing shade structures for hotels, restaurants, and private residences with outdoor furnishings for several years with testimonials backing up our trusted range of quality products. For more tips on choosing the best pool shade or to choose a pool shade, contact us today!