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The 4 Best Types of Patio Umbrellas and Shade Structures

Outdoor Restaurant Umbrellas
An indispensable outdoor accessory, the patio umbrella is a wonderful addition to any home or commercial outdoor space. It provides protection from harsh weather conditions as well as offers an aesthetically pleasing vibe. However, there are several styles and types to choose from. Poggesi explains the various patio umbrella styles so you can pick the ideal one for your space.

Traditional table patio umbrella

As the name suggests, a traditional table patio umbrella consists of a pole that fits through a hole in the outdoor dining or patio table. It is one of the most commonly found styles and resembles a regular umbrella, only much larger in size. The table patio umbrella usually comes with a heavy base of its own, so it does not destabilize the table it is fixed to.

Cantilever umbrella

Cantilever umbrellas are ideal for commercial outdoor spaces. These umbrellas come with a large and heavy base attached to the wooden or aluminum pole. This pole is then extended with another piece that the canopy is suspended from. These umbrellas are heavier, more solid but less portable than other models. A huge advantage of a cantilever umbrella is the ability to raise or lower its height according to the movement of the sun or other weather conditions. If you are a commercial enterprise looking to wall-mount the patio umbrella, the cantilever umbrella is the way to go!

Offset patio umbrella

Offset umbrellas are not so different from cantilever umbrellas except for a few technicalities. Typically, the pole of an offset umbrella is made of wood or aluminum, extending from the base to the top in a bend. The top most part of this pole is attached to the canopy that is available in a variety of sizes and angles for the best shade protection. This gives the offset umbrella a stylish and modern aesthetic, providing an excellent addition to contemporary outdoor spaces.

Sail umbrella

This type of umbrella is perfect for areas where children frequent. These are larger triangular or tri-cornered pieces of canopies that do not need poles or bases for support. Instead, they are tied above the furniture or space to existing structures or trees. The biggest benefit of a sail umbrella is that it does not need heavy bases or poles so it can be easily transported or stored away.


A pergola is an open outdoor structure supported by four beams. The roof is designed with lattice or trellis that can offer partial shade, but a screen can be added if more cover is required. Adding vines or sheer curtains can offer some privacy as well as add a whimsical feel to the outdoor space. Thus, the sole purpose of the pergola is not to provide complete shelter from the sun. instead, it is more of an entertainment area as an extension to your home, commercial building, or patio.


A gazebo is a square, octagonal or hexagonal shaped structure with a covered, solid roof. It is distinguished from other outdoor shade structures due to this unique design and shape. It can be freestanding or added on to existing patios or walls. The walls of a gazebo are usually designed with intricate trellises or lattices, making it a beautiful addition to the outdoor space. Having a gazebo can also increase the value of a home or property substantially. For more information on the ideal patio umbrellas and shade structures for your property, contact Poggesi today!