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Tips for Designing Custom Umbrellas for Your Event or Brand

Custom umbrellas are an effective but practical way to promote your brand. While providing shelter to your guests, you can...

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Everything You Need to Know About Weather-Resistant Umbrellas

Having dinner and drinks on a patio is what summer is all about. Restaurant umbrellas need to be able to...

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What Are Custom Outdoor Umbrellas?

Custom umbrellas can be used outdoors at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, or any other place where people need shade. Poggesi...

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Are You Storing Your Patio Umbrellas Correctly?

Proper storage is essential for keeping your umbrella protected, preventing damage, and keeping it in good shape. While patio umbrellas...

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What Makes a Patio Umbrella Weather-Resistant?

Patio umbrellas are intended to provide shade and shelter against all kinds of weather. The truth is that some umbrellas...

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