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Tips for Designing Custom Umbrellas for Your Event or Brand

Custom umbrellas are an effective but practical way to promote your brand. While providing shelter to your guests, you can also display your brand in a way that is both obvious and not too obtrusive. When commissioning or designing umbrellas for your next event or to use in your restaurant or other public space, keep these four tips in mind. 

1. Choose the right model

There are many different models of commercial umbrellas, and you must choose wisely when it comes to finding the right one for your event or venue. Make sure that you select the umbrella that best suits your space and your guests. Do you need cantilever umbrellas or more traditional patio umbrellas? What area do you need to cover with them? Think carefully about the function and size of your venue and ask your supplier for the umbrella that fits best.

2. Be creative with your “canvas”

An umbrella provides a fairly large area for your creative expression and branding. You can afford to get creative with your design and spread your visual elements around the “canvas.” Start by choosing a fabric color that fits your brand. Then select a spot for your logo – it’s best to include your logo only on one panel of your umbrella. Then think about how you incorporate simple but attention-grabbing visual elements that can help to promote your brand and make it memorable.

3. Remember that the quality of the umbrella is a reflection of your brand

An important thing to remember when buying any promotional materials is that your guests and clients will associate the quality of these accessories with your brand. If you choose high-end, durable, beautifully made umbrellas, that can only reflect well on you, so choose the best!

4. Choose the size carefully

The appropriate size for your umbrella is a variable that will depend on the space in which it will be used, and the number of people you will be accommodating in the space. For example, if you are catering for an area that includes dining table, the rule of thumb is that each umbrella should extend over your table with two feet on each side. For example, if your table is 30 inches in diameter, if round, or from corner to corner if it is a square table, then you need an umbrella with a span of six feet to cover that table. If you are not sure about your size requirements, tell us the size of your area, and the exact nature of the event – where people will be situated, etc. – and we will help you work it out. For branded commercial and restaurant umbrellas, look no further than Poggesi USA. We have been a leader in the shading industry since 1964. Our umbrellas are crafted in Italy by engineers and designers who are well trained in the proud Poggesi tradition. Choose from our standard collection or let us custom-make your umbrellas. Contact us for more information.