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Are You Storing Your Patio Umbrellas Correctly?

Proper storage is essential for keeping your umbrella protected, preventing damage, and keeping it in good shape. While patio umbrellas are designed to withstand various weather conditions, it is not advised to leave them out during heavy winds, storms, hurricanes, or winter. Instead, pack them up and store them indoors or in a shed. Be sure to clean the umbrella first to ensure that it is in peak condition when the time comes for it to shade your patio again.  Your umbrella can develop mold or mildew if the fabric is a little wet. You can prevent this by performing regular maintenance, such as the cleaning routines outlined below, and making sure that the umbrella is completely dry before putting it away. It is recommended that you also store your umbrella in an appropriately sized umbrella cover, especially if you leave it outdoors. Covers prevent scratches and debris from accumulating on the umbrella.

How to maintain and properly store your patio umbrella

Follow these maintenance tips and keep your patio umbrella in excellent, shade-providing condition.

Squeaky clean

Your patio umbrella may have accumulated debris and dirt during patio-season, so you will need to clean it before storing it away. Gently sweep away dirt, twigs, leaves, and any other debris gathered on the fabric. Remove the patio umbrella from the stand and lay it open on its side. Thoroughly wash the full piece in sections with warm, soapy water. You will see the dirt begin to melt away.

Dry and dandy

After washing, your patio umbrella should look as good as new! Wipe it down gently and leave it open to dry thoroughly. Closing it right away may lead to moisture buildup that can destroy the fabric and cause an unpleasant odor once the umbrella is opened again. A warm, sunny day is a great time to let the material dry. Alternatively, you could also try adding some heat from a hairdryer to ensure that everything is fully dry. If you decide to use this method, be sure to keep the heat application even and low to avoid damage.


You can close the umbrella after everything is clean and dry. Just as furniture often comes with outdoor furniture covers, patio umbrellas often have covers of their own. If your patio umbrella has a fitted cover, then tightly secure it in the cover. Alternatively, tightly wrap the umbrella in a large sheet of plastic. The plastic should be larger than the size of the umbrella. Tape the sides to keep it in place once the cover is secure. The plastic will help protect the fabric from mold and mildew over the winter. It will also keep the arms of your umbrella in position. Snagging even one section on an object could bend, break, or damage your patio umbrella.


Find a dry location for storage in the winter months, such as a secure garage, attic, or basement. Be sure to avoid spaces where dampness and wet weather might creep in without you knowing it. You want to be sure that your umbrella will be ready to cover you and your outdoor furniture come spring, so store lying down or standing up, away from other objects that might bend, misshape, or cause damage. At Poggesi, we offer maintenance plans to provide you with care-free regular maintenance of your patio, residential, or custom umbrellas to keep them clean and operating at their best, hassle-free. Poggesi can help create the perfect outdoor experience for your home with our large outdoor residential umbrellas, unlike any other. We also make it easy for you to create custom umbrellas, using our already-existing designs and tweaking their size, color, and shape to suit your needs and preferences. For more information, contact us today.