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What Are Custom Outdoor Umbrellas?

Custom umbrellas can be used outdoors at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, or any other place where people need shade. Poggesi offers everything from multi-lever cantilever umbrellas to dome-shaped center post umbrellas that can be seen at country clubs, cafés, and bistros, as well as on the patios of various types of businesses. Our custom umbrellas are carefully crafted by talented engineers in Italy. They offer the aesthetic value and function that you would expect from a leading brand, and their sizes, colors, and shapes can be tweaked to suit your needs. Types of custom umbrellas The types of custom umbrellas that we offer can be categorized as cantilever patio umbrellas (also known as offset umbrellas) and center post umbrellas. Cantilever umbrellas are suspended with the help of a side pole and can generally be found at the edge of a patio, instead of the middle. If you need to optimize space at your hotel or restaurant, a cantilever umbrella is a great option. Center post umbrellas have a post in the middle and are the more traditional or classic type of umbrella. They offer maximum coverage when placed in the middle of a patio or pool. A center post umbrella can cover up to 650 sq. ft.

5 Places That Are Perfectly Suited to Custom Umbrellas

  1. Outside bistro areas
Outdoor umbrellas are perfect for bistro events. Whether you have live music or simply want to enable patrons to enjoy the outdoors, they can do so while sitting underneath a custom umbrella.
  1. Weddings venues
Weddings are one of the most exciting events for families. Outdoor umbrellas ensure that the celebration will go on no matter the weather. 
  1. Hotels
Custom umbrellas are a classy and luxurious addition to any hotel. Custom umbrellas can showcase your hotel’s colors and add to your decor and design. 
  1. Restaurants
Custom  umbrellas for restaurants allow your customers to enjoy their meal on a hot or rainy day. They also enhance the dining-out experience. 
  1. Beach bars
Custom beach/pool umbrellas ensure that your guests at your resort or cruise ship are protected from the sun. Your guests will be able to relax and enjoy their day out in the sun without hassle.  Interested in getting a custom umbrella? Poggesi is a global leader in the shading industry – they provide homes and business ventures with popular, quality umbrellas. Poggesi’s products are also incredibly durable and of the highest quality. For more information, contact us today! With a variety of base and stand options, our patented umbrella technology makes it easy to open and close your weather-resistant umbrellas with a mere touch and a push, leaving the rest to a complex series of springs.Experience the unique designs that perfectly compliment a soothing and relaxing morning or evening shaded from the elements with Poggesi commercial and residential patio umbrellas.