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Everything You Need to Know About Weather-Resistant Umbrellas

Having dinner and drinks on a patio is what summer is all about. Restaurant umbrellas need to be able to stand up in all kinds of weather from hot sun to pouring rain to gusty winds. Here is everything you need to know before you go out and purchase a new weather-resistant patio umbrella for your home or business.


When it comes down to it, the design is most important. While commercial umbrellas need to protect you from all kinds of weather, how it looks in your space can draw people in or turn them away. Fortunately, you can get custom umbrellas that do both. Design is not just aesthetics, but also how an umbrella is constructed. Depending on what you want to protect against, the build of a patio umbrella will vary in materials and function. Designers who want to customize the structure of their umbrella can partner with us.


All umbrellas can block the sun and some do better than others. You want to have the best UV protection available to reflect its harmful rays. Also, the design of the umbrella allows for heat to escape within the canopy through venting. Acrylic canvas is robust and can withstand heat and light while sporting a great look.


Your umbrella has to be waterproof. It’s one of its most important functions. A strong canvas canopy with withstand heavy rain and deflect it properly over your entire coverage area. The pole and the base should also be constructed of weather-resistant material like an aluminum pole and concrete bases. These provide superior stability and rain durability. Weather-resistant umbrellas are designed for the elements and give you the durability and peace of mind that they will last for a long time. With regular cleaning and maintenance, your commercial umbrella will provide the protection you need.  Poggesi USA has a wide variety of custom umbrellas for residential and commercial use. Their weather-resistant umbrellas combine great design and function for your outdoor patio needs whether for at-home use or restaurant umbrellas. Call today for more information.