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Square vs. Octagonal Umbrellas, Which Is the Better Choice?

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When looking for an umbrella for your residential or commercial outdoor space, the shape is one of the first factors to look into. But how do you choose between a square or octagonal-shaped umbrella?  With more and more people working from home, it is no doubt that your outdoor space is now a sanctuary of sorts. Thus, choosing the perfect outdoor umbrella is not just about protection against the sun and harmful UV rays, it is also aesthetically pleasing. Poggesi outlines the benefits of both shaped umbrellas to help you choose.

Which umbrella throws more shade?

The shape and size of your umbrella will determine the amount of shade it provides to your outdoor space. A 10-foot square umbrella can give you a shaded area of 100 square feet and an octagonal umbrella of the same size has a shaded area of 71 square feet.  As it has been concluded that square umbrellas provide 30% more shade than octagonal ones, you can make a decision based on the space that needs coverage at your premises.

Which size & shape of area are you shading?

Which umbrella throws more shade

Before choosing the right shape of an umbrella, take some time to visualize your outdoor space. Take a mental picture of the entire look – the colours, textures and aesthetics of the space as this will help you determine the right shape of the umbrella too. Poggesi recommends considering the following three factors to choose:
  1. What shape is your table or area that needs to be protected?
  2. Is the space open or does it have any physical constraints such as trees or posts?
  3. What aesthetic or style are you most comfortable with?
As a rule of thumb, though, buy an umbrella in a size that is five feet bigger than the area you are looking to cover. This is essential as it can provide constant shade, even with the changing positions of the sun in the sky.

Benefits of octagonal umbrellas

Essentially round-shaped, octagonal umbrellas are easily the most popular shape across residential and commercial applications. This classic shape is equipped with eight even arms and can bring a more symmetrical aesthetic to your patio or outdoor space. The octagonal umbrella is considered elegant and was also found in olden China and Victorian England in the form of parasols. Another benefit of the octagonal-shaped umbrella is that its design does not interfere or alter with the existing lines of your outdoor space. However, with a square umbrella, there is a risk that its straight lines might seem skew in relation to the architecture around it. Octagonal umbrellas are also easier to rotate in constricted or confined spaces.

Benefits of square umbrella

Benefits of square umbrella A more contemporary shape, the square umbrella is architecturally stylish and symmetrical. As mentioned above, it also offers maximum shade protection – 30% more than octagonal umbrellas. The square umbrellas are well-suited for square or long tables as well as for chaise lounge chairs in a pool area. As they have a more modern and professional feel to them, these umbrellas are mostly used for commercial applications such as hotels and restaurants. For more information on octagonal or square shaped umbrellas and which one would suit your outdoor space, contact Poggesi today!