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Questions and answers on Patio Umbrellas

Questions and answers on Patio Umbrellas
Are you thinking of buying patio umbrellas and have some questions? We trust you will find the answers here. Poggesi provides stylish and durable patio umbrellas made in Florence, Italy, by master craftsmen. Poggesi® patio umbrellas will enhance your home.

What are the types of Patio Umbrellas?

There are two types of patio umbrellas. Their difference lies in the structure of the umbrella, particularly the location of the umbrella pole. The standard umbrella has a pole in the center, and the cantilever umbrella pole is towards the side.  The center pole patio umbrella is often used when tables and chairs require shading from the sun or cover from other elements. Because the pole is based in the center, it can support a good-sized canopy.   The cantilever (also called side-post) patio umbrella allows for an open space beneath the umbrella and is a great choice when you have loungers or couches on your patio. All cantilever models turn three hundred and sixty degrees, and some allow the canopy to be tilted.  

Is it better to have a light or dark patio umbrella?

Choosing a patio umbrella color should be guided by the style of your house, furnishings and surrounding area. Light umbrellas create a feeling of tranquility and simplicity but can show dirt more easily. Dark colors are dramatic and have a sense of authority, but it naturally attracts heat. Poggesi patio umbrellas are stain and fade resistant.

How do I choose a patio umbrella?

The first step to choosing a patio umbrella is practicality. What do you want to use the patio umbrella for? Consider a cantilever umbrella if you want a patio umbrella that throws shade over a jacuzzi or swimming pool. A center pole umbrella is a great choice when you regularly enjoy family meals on the patio.   Poggesi offers patio umbrellas in a square, rectangular and octagonal shapes. We also customize patio umbrellas for clients. With Poggesi umbrellas, you never have to move the furniture before closing the patio umbrella. Just close the umbrella and enjoy the rest of your day. 

What are the benefits of a patio umbrella?

A patio umbrella enhances your lifestyle and provides value for money as a long-term investment. It protects your family from the sun and other elements so you can spend quality time together. What are the benefits of a patio umbrella

What is the difference between a patio umbrella and a market umbrella?

A market umbrella is traditionally used by merchants or vendors that sell goods and products at a marketplace or beside the road. Style and quality are not relevant to market umbrellas unless they are part of a brand.  A patio umbrella is used at home for the enjoyment of the whole family. It allows families to enjoy their environment and good company during meals, whatever the weather. Style and quality are considerations with patio umbrellas as they reflect a family’s lifestyle choice and style preferences.  

How long do patio umbrellas last?

A quality patio umbrella will last many years. Sourced from Sunbrella®, the canvas fabric used by Poggesi for patio umbrellas have a limited ten-year warranty. The structure of Poggesi umbrellas is made from powder-coated aluminum, and we use stainless-steel cables and bolts for their durability.

Is it ok to leave my patio umbrella in the rain?

It is absolutely ok to leave your patio umbrella in the rain if you have a Poggesi umbrella. The canvas fabric used to manufacture your umbrella is water-repellant. But as with any product, the patio umbrella should be moved into storage when not used regularly.

Should I leave my patio umbrella open or closed when not in use?

When your patio umbrella is not in use, you can leave it open or close it as all Poggesi umbrellas are weather and fade resistant. Poggesi umbrellas are easy to use and designed to close without you having to move any furniture.  

Can you use an umbrella stand without a table?

Yes, you can use an umbrella stand without a table. Instead of a table, consider using a base into which the umbrella pole is slotted. Poggesi has multiple bases to choose from. These include square and rectangular flat iron bases with various cement weights and tube iron bases for ground or wall fixing. The cement weights have a level or pebbled pattern, and a round cement base is also available. Use these bases for center pole and side pole umbrellas. If you choose a cantilever umbrella, you can put a cushion over the base to create an additional seating space. Cover the base of a center pole umbrella with cushions for added safety and style. Poggesi can cover the cushions with fabric or faux leather.  Can you use an umbrella stand without a table

Do patio umbrellas need a cover?

It is always good to have a cover for your patio umbrella, particularly when the umbrella is stored for fall or winter.  A nylon storage bag is available for additional purchase with every Poggesi patio umbrella. Poggesi offers ten patio umbrella models with a series of sizes available for each model. 

How do you protect an outdoor umbrella?

Quality outdoor or patio umbrellas are made with materials that require very little protection. The most an owner needs to do is clean the umbrella when necessary and store it when bad weather is forecast.  Poggesi umbrellas have 100% acrylic weather-resistant awning grade canvas that is easy to clean. The canvas is stain and fade resistant. Poggesi umbrella structures are fabricated from powder-coated aluminum that is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The stainless-steel cables and bolts used by Poggesi on the umbrellas are also corrosion-resistant and durable.

How do I stop my patio umbrella from fading?

Poggesi patio umbrellas are made with Sunbrella® canvas fabric that is fade resistant. In traditional dyeing methods, color is only added to the fiber exterior of the fabric. With Sunbrella fabrics, the performance characteristics such as color is an integral part of the fabric. It means the color will not wash off over time.  If you are still worried the color will fade, close the umbrella when not in use and cover it with a specially designed storage bag.  

How can I waterproof my patio umbrella?

The Sunbrella® canvas fabric used to manufacture Poggesi patio umbrellas are water-repellent. The water-repelling nature of the canvas causes rain to immediately run off and not soak through the canvas. However, very high rainfall might impact this characteristic. With more than fifty years of experience in fabric manufacturing, Sunbrella is well known for its marine fabric. The canvas fabric used by Poggesi is one hundred per cent acrylic weather-resistant awning grade canvas. The ultraviolet protection factor of this canvas is very high, and it is stain and fade resistant.

What is better: aluminum or steel patio umbrellas?

Aluminum patio umbrellas, such as Poggesi, is a better choice than steel umbrellas, as aluminum is lightweight. Steel tends to be heavy, making it challenging to move around.  The structure of all Poggesi umbrellas, consisting of the pole, ribs, and side-arms for cantilever umbrellas, are manufactured from powder-coated aluminum. Only commercial grade aluminum from 5/64” to 1/8” thickness is used. The lightweight structure of Poggesi umbrellas is complemented by the easy-to-use opening and closing systems.  Of the ten patio umbrella models offered by Poggesi, the lightest two, Party and Bay, use a pulley and rope system to open and close the umbrellas. All other models use a crank system. The Magnum, Dehor and Jok models use a crank system with a telescopic function. The mechanized telescopic system using a worm screw is quick and safe. 

Are all patio umbrellas the same height?

All patio umbrellas are not the same height. The average height for an open umbrella is eight feet, as this lets people move comfortably beneath the umbrella. The shade should fall two feet over the space or item that must be covered.  Open umbrellas with a larger than average canopy are slightly higher, but this difference is not extensive. However, when Poggesi umbrellas are closed, some can be up to eighteen feet high.  Are all patio umbrellas the same height

What to consider before buying a patio umbrella?

Buying a quality umbrella is a long-term investment, and the decision must be well thought through.   Things to consider are budget, the reason for the patio umbrella and the size of the area you want to cover. The type and color of the patio umbrella should fit your décor and lifestyle. The type of umbrella you choose will determine the base you need and which open/close systems are available for that type of umbrella. 

What type of umbrella is best for sun protection?

The best umbrella for sun protection is an umbrella offering the highest level of ultraviolet (UV) protection. Poggesi umbrellas are made with Sunbrella canvas fabric that provides up to ninety-eight per cent UV protection. Most of their fabrics carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. 

What color patio umbrella should be used in the summer?

The color of your patio umbrella is a personal choice. If you like to be at the forefront of fashion, you might choose a color similar to the Pantone Color of the Year. Summers ask for bright colors such as turquoise, coral, pink or yellow. But any color is good for the summer if it makes you happy. Poggesi offers more than two hundred fabric colors and almost any color structure. s If something special is required, a customized patio umbrella can be designed and manufactured. If you wonder what a Poggesi umbrella in various shapes and colors will look like, try the builder on our website. You can select canopy size, canopy color, structure color and base type for a quick view of the final product. Choose from twenty-eight canopy colors and seven structure colors in the builder.  

How do I know what size umbrella to get for my patio?

Your patio size and the reason you want to buy an umbrella will determine the size umbrella you get. If your patio is small, consider purchasing a cantilever umbrella. Because the pole is to the side, moving space on your patio is not impacted too much.  If you have a large patio and a swimming pool, you could buy a center pole umbrella and a cantilever umbrella. The center pole umbrella will provide shade for the tables and chairs on the patio, while the cantilever umbrella provides shade for any loungers beside the swimming pool. How do I know what size umbrella to get for my patio

How to clean a patio umbrella?

When you want to clean your patio umbrella, always follow the guidelines from the manufacturer. Poggesi patio umbrellas are manufactured with Sunbrella canvas fabric. The canvas fabric is stain-resistant and inherently resists the growth of mold and mildew. Sunbrella suggests that dirt and debris be brushed off the fabric when necessary. They also suggest using a bleach solution if there is a tough stain on your Poggesi patio umbrella. Because the color goes to the core of the fiber, Sunbrella states the fabric will not lose color when a bleach solution is used. To clean the powder-coated aluminum structure use water and gentle soap. 

What is the best patio umbrella for wind?

Poggesi has two patio umbrella models that went through severe wind resistance tests, the central pole Magnum and Dehor models. Poggesi discourages the use of any umbrella in unfavorable weather conditions where wind speed exceeds thirty miles per hour. Information must be obtained about wind and general weather conditions of the area where the umbrellas will be installed, before purchasing an umbrella. This then to ascertain if the umbrella is fit for purpose.  

How can I secure my patio umbrella?

You can secure your patio umbrella by choosing the safest and most appropriate base. Poggesi offers a round cement base and flat iron bases with various cement weights. If you want to secure your umbrella to a wall or the ground, tube iron bases are available. A further safety option is to close the patio umbrella every time after use and cover it with a storage bag.   Poggesi is based in Miami, Florida. We provide patio umbrellas of various sizes as well as outdoor furniture and cushions with durability and style. Want an outdoor umbrella for your home? Contact us today.