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Looking for Something Modern and Different in Your Patio Umbrella?

We have all seen different types of patio umbrellas. From restaurants and bars to resorts and cruise ships, umbrellas are essential for all sorts of weather conditions. They can deliver both design and function and come in square, rectangle, or round with a center post or cantilever style. They are a classic look but what if you want something different in your outdoor umbrellas? There is something new and exciting out there. You need to see the new Gate Shade Gazebo structure. It is designed by an award-winning, international designer and it takes residential shading to the next level. This is modern luxury at its best with great beauty and aesthetics. The Gate Shade is an amazing design that utilizes two tent arms, each stretching out on opposite sides to provide maximum coverage and shade. The design is an architectural marvel, with all components and accessories within the gate. Here are some of the distinctive elements.

The Bow 

This is the vertical base that acts as the hub for this stylish shade structure and houses the tents at the top. The internal framework is steel, hot-dipped in a galvanizing treatment to give it a strong design. Laser-cut, galvanized steel forms the exterior and has epoxy powder coating with resin polyester. Available colors are:
  • Matt white
  • Titanium
  • Anthracite Corten
  • Matt black
From the bow, you have access to a remote control pad to operate the tents. You can also customize it by adding a striped LED system and a superior audio system as well.

The Tents

Integrated into the top of the bow are 2 retractable tents that expand to a coverage of 1 x 19’. They are made of superior acrylic fabrics and a finish that looks modern and sleek. There is also a safety anemometer to automatically close when it detects high wind speed. It is beautifully designed whether you are using the shading function or when the curtains are closed. There is a wide array of tent color options to suit your taste including:
  • Pure white
  • Soft white
  • Beige
  • Soft beige
  • Melange
  • Beton
  • Taupe grey
  • Deep grey
  • Black
  • Blue
These electric awnings are really a show stopper and add a winged architectural element to the design. They are such a classy way to get shade in the backyard.

The Extras

As amazing as this new patio cover design is, there are several more features that can be integrated into the structure. Dimmable LED strips are mounted in the curtain terminals and the columns, operated by remote and there is a fully customizable Bespoke audio system with amplifier, speakers, and audio player connectivity. This turns your shade structure into a DJ. Flower planter boxes and benches with cushions can make a ballast instead of anchoring the Gate Shade to the ground.  This incredible patio structure was created by internationally renowned designer Nicolas Thomkins. He has won numerous awards in design competitions including the Legacy of the Future Award and IF Design Award in China. The Gate Shade will provide you with superior shade coverage and a modern design for your backyard paradise. Whether it’s open in its shading arrangement or the curtains are closed, this sleek structure will be a showpiece at your home. Poggesi is proud to offer this modern design that is the Gate Shade.  They also have a wide variety of custom umbrellas for residential and commercial use. Their weather-resistant umbrellas combine great design and function for your outdoor patio needs whether for at-home use or restaurant umbrellas. Call us today for more information.