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How to Customize Your Outdoor Umbrellas

There are many reasons why you may want to customize your outdoor umbrellas, whether for residential or business purposes. Patio umbrellas like many items, can benefit greatly from modification to suit your particular aesthetics and functional needs. Custom designed umbrellas also offer unique opportunities for unity of style and aesthetics with your home or building. Customized umbrellas are a great option for challenging or extremely unique spaces. They are not restricted to traditional shapes and can be designed with many solutions based on the surface you wish to be covered. Customization allows you to select shade structures that can serve the function you desire from providing shelter to complementing the architecture, while providing an exciting visual focal point. Outdoor umbrellas can be customized for size, shape, color, and even include features such as integrated lighting options. For commercial purposes, they can also be designed with your logo to create instant brand recognition or exposure. At the forefront of custom designed commercial umbrellas is branding, with your colors and your logo. These become easily associated and recognizable as both your building and your brand. The repetition of the same color can strengthen that awareness and also carries psychological effects that signify what your company stands for and its personality. Choosing the correct structure and color to shade the exterior of your business is an important step and can have a powerful impact on how your customers perceive your business, providing a unique way to make your business stand out. Use your shade structure to make your business and brand widely recognizable and attract the customers you want while providing shelter from the elements. When making the decision about the customization of your outdoor umbrellas, ask the experts at Poggesi. We’re the experts in patio design and shade, and we can help you select the best option for your outdoor space. All of our umbrellas promise durability, maximum shade, and superior aesthetic beauty. Our umbrellas are crafted in Italy by our engineers and artisans and created to your unique vision and aesthetics. Our finely crafted fabrics are beautiful, unique, and durable. Available in a variety of elegant colors, our high-quality TÜV certified umbrellas look great, withstand tough weather, and are easy to maintain, and our patented umbrella technology makes it easy to open and close your weather-resistant umbrellas with a mere touch and a push. It makes sense to invest in customized umbrellas that will enhance the appearance of your home or business and endure the elements, providing shade and protection for many years to come. Let us show you why we are the leaders in “The Art of Creating Shade.” For more information, please contact us.