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Get Inspired By These Simple, Yet Beautiful Commercial Restaurant Umbrella Setups

Come on, and wander these stunning streets with us. Join in the relaxation and celebration overlooking mountainous land and the serene sea. We invite you to be inspired by these downtown restaurant patios and secluded spaces alike. Imagine your own restaurant patio umbrellas beautifully outstretched above delicious meals, pleasant conversation, and great memories. Let the new journey begin! EVENING ROMANCE outdoor restaurant umbrellas night Model: Summer Collection Outdoor cafe umbrellas give way to quite an inviting, enchanting space. You’ll notice in the intimate setting above that the umbrellas unfold over white linen, candlelight, and fresh flowers. They help define the space, functioning as a sort of floating ceiling as well as protection from sudden elements. You can trust that the restaurant’s outdoor dining experience is safe and clean. The outdoor patio invites your guests to be cozy yet free. They spend their work weeks tucked away in corporate offices. Bring them back to life by giving them the option of evenings filled with close conversation, night sky, and romantic city lights. The open-air seating will be invigorating and memorable. MOUNTAIN ESCAPE Poggesi patio restaurant umbrella Model: One Collection Aren’t those blue skies, rolling hills, and glorious trees simply breathtaking? If you have a view like this, you’re, of course, already advertising it. But have you done all you can to make the space absolutely perfect? You can with commercial umbrellas for restaurant patios! Observe the laidback wonder. By the looks of things, this is a restaurant that treasures the aspects of unwinding and escaping reality for a while. In the early dinner above, the sunset is coming and guests are enjoying good company, fine food, and this spectacular view all in the comforts of shade. Poggesi’s artisan umbrellas are crafted in the hills of Italy. As you can see, they truly belong in a space like this. WATERFRONT WONDER Outdoor restaurant umbrella deck Lovely, right? Some of you are already here in your mind, and you never want to leave. If your community lives on the water and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, well, everyone is expecting an experience like this. Hometown residents more than likely treasure such a view, and tourists certainly do. Omit the restaurant patio umbrellas, and you’re left with a beautiful space, still. It’s true. There’s no denying its appeal. But with the Pogessi umbrella, you’ve nearly set sail on the tranquil blue water. It’s bon voyage to your hectic realities for just a little while! You can linger in a long-lunch dream without the powerful sun beaming down directly on you, without the fear of burning. Guests may enjoy the cool, salty breeze in comfort. CORNER DELIGHT outdoor restaurant umbrella sushi samba Model: Summer Collection How many times have you suddenly realized you’re hungry on a street corner? It’s the place where you’re forced to stop for a bit, and as you wait for the traffic to halt, the aromas and light laughter and chatter are pulling you close. You turn to see bright outdoor cafe umbrellas. They’re advertising sushi, and wouldn’t you know… that’s exactly what you wanted. What a pop of color on the busy corner, too! You really can’t go wrong with this form of advertisement. Your name and logo will attract passersby, but you’ll also have an undeniable and even colorful presence. In a row of gray, black, brown, and beige city storefronts, offices, and streets, you’ll stand as the fun, interesting lunchtime hangout. Everyone will be ready to find a chair under your restaurant patio umbrellas! SECRET GARDENS restaurant umbrella large patio Pogessi’s commercial umbrellas for restaurant use are also perfect for more private, natural atmospheres such as estates, vineyards, country clubs, botanical gardens, as well as community and event centers. Often, these venues will include on-site restaurants. Even in the shade of trees, umbrellas can provide a warm ambiance. They’re picturesque and usually signal the presence of fine cuisine and cocktails. Sometimes guests find themselves lost for hours in such sections of the world. They’re away from city life and plan to soak up as much relaxation as possible. Welcome them to your garden terrace with restaurant patio umbrellas. They’ll be mesmerized among the flowers, old bricks, established trees, and wide open space. As the sun bears down and as brief, seasonal showers find us, your parties will be safe, dry, and happy. PLAZA PERFECTION small restaurant umbrellas bay poggesi Model: Bay Collection In all the hustle and bustle of the public square, sometimes one simply needs a rest. These outdoor cafe umbrellas are ideal for open seating. Mobile and large, they may accommodate a number of guests in a number of areas. Drop your shopping bags, lounge in stylish wicker, and take a load off under the golden, winged shelter of Poggesi’s Tuscany-inspired and imported umbrellas. Pave the shaded way to your hotel’s courtyard, a marketplace center, communal dining experiences, and more. Families and friends will stop and stay a while if they’re comfortable and at ease. Let these tall umbrella beauties blossom in your plaza today. MARINA BLISS marina outdoor restaurant umbrellas Both coastal and inland marinas are places of vibrant community and outdoor pleasure. Year-long residents emerge from houseboats and waterfront homes for late afternoon happy hours and dinners, and vacationers enjoy getting fancy after days filled with fun yet exhausting water activity. How clean, crisp, and absolutely lovely do those white tables, chairs, plants, and restaurant patio umbrellas look? Pretty heavenly, right? This simple charm can be just what your marina or lakeside dock restaurant needs. Poggesi’s nature-inspired colors and styles blend right in. Ironically, their shelter makes a guest feel light and free. Visitors also shielded from outdoor elements as they dine and meet with friends both old and new. WHEREVER YOU ARE modern outdoor restaurant umbrella Model: One Collection Poggesi’s commercial umbrellas for restaurant use will meet you wherever you are. If you cater to lively Friday and Saturday night crews on your brewery’s veranda, our colorful collection could be just what you’re missing. Bring flair and fun to your festival space, outdoor pop-up shop, wine tastings, and food truck lots with our sleek, unique designs. Schedule a call with a Poggesi Concierge today for assistance with selecting the right umbrella for your restaurant. You’ll be one step closer to brightening days with the gift of shade!