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Which Color Umbrella Is More Effective Against Sunlight?

Choosing the perfect umbrella for your outdoor area is not just about the most stylish one you can find; you need to consider which color umbrella will be the most effective. We know that lighter colors reflect light while darker colors absorb it, but how does this affect our artificial shade needs?

What Is The Best Color To Block The Sun.

Black patio umbrellas are the best in terms of UV protection, because they absorb the heat on those hot sunny days. The great thing about this neutral shade is that it matches with any other color so it’s likely that it will complement your patio aesthetic. If black really is not your style, then opt for umbrellas in vivid and darker colors like navy blue, burgundy, bottle green or purple. Sadly, although yellow is such a cheerful color – and immensely popular in outdoor décor – it seems to be one of the worst in terms of UV protection. Black patio umbrellas attract and absorb heat (keeping and protecting you from 95% of harmful UV rays compared to lighter color umbrellas.

How Does Fabric Density Influence UV Protection.

Fabric has several physical parameters that affect UV light transmission. The denser the fabric, the lower the ultraviolet light transmission. The coverage and thickness of the fabric have the biggest impact on UV radiation protection. Density of umbrella canopy fabric is graded by weight. Common weights are 180g and 250g. The rule of thumb is: the thicker the fabric, the better it will filter out the UV rays. Bear in mind also that the heavier the fabric, the more weight the umbrella frame needs to hold. Make sure the frame is sufficiently sturdy.

How Important is UPF Rating?

The ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating is a universal system that measures the sun-blocking ability of a UV umbrella. It basically informs how much UVA and UVB radiation a fabric protects you from. Higher UPF ratings mean better sun protection. A product’s UPF rating is affected by factors including product construction, color, and chemical treatments. UPF differs from SPF (sun protection factor), which is a measurement of how much UV radiation is needed to burn skin. The American UPF rating system uses three categories:
  1. Good protection gives UPF values of 15 and 20, thereby blocking 93.3 percent to 95.8 percent of UV rays.
  2. Very good protection: UPF values of 25, 30, and 35, blocking 96 percent to 97.4 percent of UV rays.
  3. Excellent protection: UPF values of 40, 45, 50, and 50+ offering roughly 97.5 percent to 98 percent of UV blockage.
Minimizing your risk of skin cancer, loss of skin elasticity and other harmful effects of ultraviolet rays should be a priority – whether you have darker or lighter skin. If you are serious about limiting your UV exposure, a product’s UPF rating will be of utmost importance to you. When you sit under a black umbrella, the amount of UV radiation that gets to you is the sum of the direct light that the fabric allows through added to the reflected light. This depends on where your umbrella is positioned, so it is difficult to quantify. Although an umbrella will go a long way to minimizing those UV rays, it will not protect you from one hundred percent of them. Think of your patio umbrella as a filter or like a super-effective layer of sunscreen for the whole family. When buying a patio umbrella for your residence or for a commercial outdoor area, consider all factors that will affect this important aspect of outdoor living – including the size of your outdoor space, how the seating is arranged, how often and when you plan to use the umbrellas, are they for year-round or seasonal use as well as budget and style considerations. At Poggesi you have many choices when deciding what color umbrella you like most. Get in touch to peruse our collection.