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Choosing a Fabric for Your Custom Umbrellas

Custom patio umbrellas provide wonderful color, shade, and shelter, making your outdoor area more usable and more beautiful. However, it’s vital to choose the right fabric in order for your umbrellas to continue to be both aesthetically pleasing and worry-free as time goes by.

Choosing The Right Fabric

The fabric for your patio umbrellas must be able to withstand many harsh conditions including punishing UV rays, heavy downpours, temperature changes, and wind. Choosing the right custom umbrella fabric can help to prevent unneeded replacement costs, unusable spaces, and an unappealing weather-beaten appearance for your exterior. Poggesi offers the highest quality, durable, commercial-grade umbrella fabrics, able to withstand the toughest outdoor elements to provide reliable shade and protection. Our well-designed commercial umbrella fabrics offer both style and durability by using only the best commercial grade materials, quality craftsmanship, and innovative technology. Our long-lasting double-stitched Sunbrella canvas canopies offer TÜV® & Intertek® quality and wind resistance certifications. Additionally, our quality fabrics are easy to care for by simply brushing off loose dirt, applying a mild soap and water solution, before a rinse and air dry. For our custom umbrellas, we also have the ability to combine different fabrics, specific bindings, and contrast stitching. To provide further custom options, side walls of fabric sheers, canvas or transparent vinyl are available to partly or wholly close off the perimeter. These umbrella walls are attached with snap hooks and are provided with a zipper to join the sides together. Further, a large central transparent window is available as a wall option and each umbrella can be supplied with a zippered gutter that can connect it to another umbrella. With this combination of beauty, durability, and innovation, Poggesi can help you leave a lasting impression with custom outdoor umbrellas unlike any other. Our selection of luxury, large custom umbrellas offer beautiful, unique, and powerful designs combined with elegant colors to create a unique shade experience. Choose from our available collection of cantilever and center post outdoor umbrellas and customize your own to create a uniquely branded umbrella. At Poggesi, we have been collaborating for decades with residences and businesses, bringing the perfect shade to homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros, and other businesses worldwide. Be selective and choose the brand that ensures only the highest quality and safety standards. For more information about the many options to design and customize your commercial umbrellas for your home or business, please contact us.