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Why Sunbrella Fabric for Country Club Umbrellas?

Country club umbrellas spend all day, every day, out in the sun, exposed to UV rays most of the time, as well as variable weather conditions. So it follows that they need to be made of fabric that can withstand the elements and maintain its color. This is why Poggesi recommends Sunbrella fabric for all country club umbrellas.

What is Sunbrella?

Sunbrella is a well-established brand that has become essential for patio umbrellas and pool umbrellas. It’s an outdoor fabric that has become synonymous with sun protection and durability. What makes it special is that it is a solution-dyed acrylic – this is how it gets its special sun-resistant qualities. Solution dying is a particular process of coloring fabric that involves the dying of the fibers before they are woven together into cloth. This is the opposite of piece-dying, in which entire sheets of fabric are colored after they have been woven. Solution dying helps the cloth to maintain its color for longer, even under constant UV exposure. In addition to the dying process, the quality of Sunbrella fabric itself is extremely robust and water-resistant. Acrylic is very tough, making it a great option for outdoor use. 

Why is Sunbrella so good for umbrellas?

When you want umbrellas that will provide shelter for your patrons day in and day out, while still maintaining their colors and printed patterns, Sunbrella is an obvious option. There are other fabrics that can serve admirably for outdoor umbrellas, but Sunbrella is by far the toughest and keeps its color for longer.   Poggesi USA is a supplier of quality country club umbrellas in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose from our collection or ask us about our custom design services. Contact us for more information.