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Why Should Commercial Umbrellas Be UV and Wind Resistant?

Commercial umbrellas need to be UV and wind resistant to fulfil their purpose – providing stable shade to those who are underneath the umbrella. They also need to remain stable and in position so that they can withstand the elements, but their duty doesn’t end here – commercial umbrellas need to look aesthetically-pleasing for guests and companies as well. 

They Are Placed Outside

Commercial umbrellas are placed outside throughout the day – no matter the weather conditions. They need to be UV resistant because they are exposed to UV rays the entire day. In order to protect commercial umbrellas from the sun, especially pool umbrellas, Poggesi uses Sunbrella fabric. This special fabric can withstand harsh weather conditions while also retaining the umbrella’s beauty. 

They Have a Purpose

Commercial umbrellas need to be able to provide shade and comfort to the people who are using them. Restaurant umbrellas need to have a solid base and a strong canopy to withstand heavy winds throughout the day. If commercial umbrellas were not wind resistant then they would be susceptible to falling and tipping over on guests. This would also be incredibly dangerous for waiters and guests as an umbrella can injure someone. 


Umbrellas also have another function – aesthetics. This is especially important for hotel umbrellas because these umbrellas need to provide hotel guests with a luxurious and relaxing experience. A giant hole or a tear caused by rough winds in the umbrella’s canopy will not make guests feel as though they are in an expensive hotel.  At Poggesi, we use Sunbrella acrylic fabric to ensure your commercial umbrellas retain their beautiful designs while also fulfilling their purpose. We also use commercial-grade aluminum to keep our umbrellas strong throughout any weather condition. If you are looking for reliable and beautiful commercial umbrellas, then contact us for more information.